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    Heritage Green Circle Chicken

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    Heritage Green Circle Chicken

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    Angus Beef Standing Prime Rib Roast
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    European Jumbo Quail
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    D'Artagnan Rohan Duck, Whole
  • Porcelet (Milk-Fed Pork)

    Porcelet Rib Rack

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    Whole Free-Range Poussin
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    Semi-Boneless Quail
  • Thanksgiving Pre-Orders

Holiday Mains That Are Not Turkey

We have options for those who don’t like the taste of turkey (they exist!), those who are serving a small gathering, or are cooking a meal with multiple entrees for Thanksgiving. Move over turkey, and make way for a dramatic beef rib roast, whole roasted chicken, juicy pork, tender veal, or tasty lamb rack. Another great option is to roast and serve small birds like poussin or quail, which can be served individually - like having your own personal petite turkey on the plate. If you are willing to break with tradition, there are so many options for your main event, including goose, capon, ham, roasts of all kinds and poultry of all sizes. Find a recipe for your holiday meal and get inspiration with our holiday entertaining tips.