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Alaskan Lingcod

Price reduced from $44.99 to Price $35.99
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frozen: 4 fillets (6 oz avg ea)
Price reduced from $44.99 to Price $35.99
Price reduced from $44.99 to Price $35.99
Frozen products may thaw in transit
The lingcod is only found on the West Coast, and ours is sustainably harvested in Alaska by a small crew using hook and line. This hard-to-find white fish – a secret of the Pacific Northwest - is not actually cod at all but a greenling fish that looks similar. Dense and meaty, with large, soft, moist flakes, lingcod can be compared to halibut though its mild buttery flavor is often preferred by those in the know. Lingcod is just as easy to cook as cod and halibut with a variety of methods: bake, broil, fry, or grill. Season it simply with butter, lemon, and fresh herbs to best enjoy the flavor.
  • Sustainably line fished in Alaska
  • Firm, yet tender texture holds up well to many applications
  • Ophiodon elongatus
  • 4 total 6 oz. portions
  • Product of USA
  • For best taste on frozen products, use within 1-2 days after thawing

Best Practice Thawing Instructions

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