Customer Service – Shipping Updates

Customer Service – Shipping Updates




We ship all orders overnight via FedEx or UPS. Because our product is perishable, you should check the contents immediately and contact us using our Customer Inquiry Form if they are no longer cold. We will issue a refund or replacement as necessary.

We are prepared!

Please note that your order will be kept at the recommended temperature while in our refrigerated warehouse and our environmentally friendly insulated box is designed to maintain the cold for several days.

If there is a shipping delay and your order arrives later than expected, please accept the box(es), and thoroughly inspect the contents immediately.

How do I know the items are safe?

All items should arrive with seals intact and be cold to the touch. Frozen ice packs will be a good indication that the product was kept at the proper safe temperature while in transit.

What if frozen items arrive thawed?

While D’Artagnan exercises the highest standards of refrigeration, it is possible under some conditions for frozen products to partially thaw in transit as noted on the website.

According to the USDA, it is safe to refreeze foods that have thawed under refrigeration or proper temperature, as in our insulated boxes. We recommend either putting the items in the refrigerator and using within 5 days or freezing within 48 hours of receiving your order.

PLEASE NOTE: We will monitor the progress of your packages and continue to email customers with shipping updates as needed.