Customer Service – Shipping Updates

Customer Service – Shipping Updates




With an historic winter weather event happening across the Mid-West and Texas, FedEx has informed us that they are experiencing delays and scheduling conflicts within their hub network system consisting of approximately 25 distribution centers located in or near major cities, such as Memphis and Indianapolis. In Houston, TX, shipments have been suspended entirely due to the weather.

If your package is already is in the air now, or at the FedEx center, we anticipate your order will be delayed because of these closures. Expect delivery when FedEx resumes operations. Because our product is perishable, you should check the contents immediately and contact us if they are no longer cold. We will issue a refund or replacement as necessary.

Any orders scheduled to depart from Houston have been held and we will reschedule your delivery as soon as FedEx operations are back up and running.

Please note that your order will be kept at the recommended temperature while in our refrigerated warehouse and our environmentally friendly insulated box is designed to maintain the cold for several days.

Our Customer Service Team is happy to help. Email or call toll-free: 1-800-327-8246 (Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm EST).