100% Sustainable Lobster Fishing & Sourcing Practices

Sustainability Practices

Lobster Gram’s Maine lobster is certified as being 100% sustainably sourced.

Lobster Gram is proud to contribute to the ongoing health and prosperity of the North Atlantic coast and New England fishing industry through industry-certified sustainability practices.

For over 137 years, the New England fishing industry has made the conservation and protection of its waters a central focus

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Our commitment

Our dedication to sustainability dates back to when we first opened our doors in 1987.

Important sustainability practices are in place to safeguard the rich resources found in the region, which allows the industry to prosper generation after generation.

All of our processes, and the partners who help carry them out, adhere to the Lobster Conservation Code of Conduct. So you can rest easy that your Lobster Gram order is 100% authentic and 100% sustainably sourced.

  • Fertile and abundant

    We keep the region balanced by replacing the lobsters we fish.

  • Appropriate selection

    In keeping with laws dating back to the 1870s, no egg-bearing lobsters are removed from the region.

  • Antibiotic free

    Every single Lobster Gram lobster is completely free of any antibiotics.

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