Back in 1987, Dan Zawacki, our founder, delivered his first live lobsters to his clients as a gift when he was a salesman. His clients loved the Maine lobster so much that they encouraged him to go into business selling live lobster dinners. You can even check out Dan’s Original Lobster Gram, which is still sold today! We are the ORIGINAL lobster delivery company, and the only lobster company serving customers for over 30 years! Enjoy a short video and more fun facts about Lobster Gram!

  • We're the original lobster delivery company since 1987.
  • It's more than lobster's a gourmet experience!
  • Rated 4.7 stars from our most recent 600+ customers in Google Trusted Stores; 4.4 stars on Facebook; and more! Read our customer testimonials for more great stories!
  • We offer a step-by-step cooking guide in every order.
  • We ensure the best pricing year round, with no fluctuations, seasonal mark-ups, or price inflation with 50-60%+ discounts.
  • You schedule the date of delivery for your lobster feast to arrive.
  • We offer paper and electronic gift cards for you to give the gift of lobster - any time you think of it!

Lobster Gram sources all of its lobster from the icey cold waters of the North Atlantic. Corporate headquarters are located in Bensenville, IL., close to the Chicago O'Hare airport.

Grading a lobster is a way of determining its value and quality. It enables the Lobster consumer to know how much lobster meat and the quality of the meat that they are purchasing. The best lobsters are Grade-A. These high-grade lobsters feature hard shells and have the most meat. The shells are hard because time has passed since the molting of the old shell. These grade-A lobsters fetch the highest price.

We currently accept all major credit cards, including Visa, Discover, MasterCard and American Express. Corporate Orders can use a purchase order and be invoiced. Some customers prefer to mail in their orders, along with a check. Lobster Gram can process these orders, but we do a check validation before the order is processed, which may lead to delivery delays.

Lobster Gram Shipping Information

Lobster Gram can ship to the continental US, Alaska, and Hawaii. Please note that live lobsters do not ship to Alaska or Hawaii. Due to state laws, Maine Lobster and Maine Lobster Tails, meat and claws cannot be shipped to Massachusetts and New Hampshire. We recommend selecting from our exotic tails for these locations.

All food packages are shipped via FedEx. A Driver Release is put on all packages so that they may be left at the door. If delivering to a multi-unit building, the driver may require that someone be present to receive the package in person, so please plan accordingly. Lobster Gram doesn’t ship to P.O. boxes.  Lobster Gram gifts can be delivered to most areas Tuesday-Saturday. Saturday delivery is only available in certain locations. We encourage customers to call Lobster Gram Customer Service at 800-548-3562 or email Lobster Gram Customer Service to see if there is Saturday Delivery available in your desired location.

  • The following does not apply to LIVE Maine Lobster orders): Lobster Gram abides by the national and local laws that apply to our industry. Due to restrictions set forth by the Massachusetts Dept. Of Fisheries & Wildlife, and the New Hampshire Dept. Of Natural Resources, we are unable to ship Maine lobster tails, meat and Maine lobster claws to Massachusetts and New Hampshire. If you would like to send lobster tails to a recipient in either of these two states, please choose a different tail variety. If a package substitution is required due to this restriction, please call us, and one of our lobster consultants will assist you.
  • Orders shipping to Alaska and Hawaii vary in availability. Please call us first to make sure it is a deliverable location. Due to the extra length of time to deliver, we do not send live lobsters to Alaska and Hawaii, but lobster tails or other frozen packages are available.

Lobster Gram dinner packages cannot have individual items substituted, but if there is a specific collection of items you would like to receive, we can build a custom package for you. We reserve the right to make product substitutions of equal or greater value, if items in a package become unavailable.

  • All food packages and air letters are shipped via FedEx. A Driver Release is put on all packages so that they may be left at the door. If delivering to a multi-unit building, the driver may require someone be present to receive the package in person, so please plan accordingly.
  • P.O. Box delivery is only available for Gift Certificates delivered via First Class Mail. FedEx will not deliver packages to P.O Boxes.

Send a Lobster Gram Gift Certificate! Certificates never expire, and your recipient can choose their ideal package, as well as their desired delivery date and location. It really is the easiest way to give the perfect gift every time!

  • Lobster Gram ships exclusively with FedEx.
  • For all delivery methods, please visit our shipping information page.

Unfortunately, Lobster Gram does not have direct contact with FedEx drivers, though we do request a contact phone number that can be used in case the driver has issues delivering your package.

Lobster Gram Gift Cards

Yes! Lobster Gram has gift certificates that are available in dollar values, as well as "Build Your Own," package options, like Create-a-Gram and Your Choice cards! Lobster Gram can even send gift certificates via Email for same day delivery of a gift in a “pinch.”

Lobster Gram offers 3 types of gift cards: dollar value, create-a-gram, and your choice gift certificates. For details on each type, please visit our Lobster Gram gift certificate guide.

Lobster Gram Coupons & Discounts

Yes! Coupons are offered throughout the year, and usually sent out via mail or email. Customers are allowed 1 coupon per order. The coupon code should be entered in the Coupon Code field of checkout.

Sale items cannot be further discounted with a percent-off or dollar-off coupon or Free Shipping promotions.

All coupons have their unique terms, posted with the email or the mail piece. All terms and conditions for each coupon type can be found on our coupon terms page.

Lobster Care, Preparation, and Cooking Tips

For the best results, cook your Lobster Gram live lobsters, fresh seafood, fresh clams, or mussels the same day you receive it. For information on live lobster care, please read our live lobster care guide or review our full cooking guide.

  • Cold-water lobster are regarded as the sweetest lobsters. The unmistakably rich sweetness found in cold-water lobsters from the clean, icy waters of the North Atlantic is what makes them such a sought-after delicacy. This environment allows the lobster to grow and age much more slowly, which helps to enhance the texture and flavor. Cold-water lobsters include Maine Lobsters & Maine Lobster Tails, West Australian lobster tails, New Zealand lobster tails, South African lobster tails, and Tristan lobster tails.
  • Warm-water lobsters feature a firmer texture and a delectable taste. Lobster Gram’s selection of warm-water lobsters include our North Australian lobster tails. We recommend visiting our exotic lobster tails section to learn more about our cold- and warm-water lobster tails!

Cooking them is easy! Just grasp the lobster behind the arms and place it headfirst into boiling water. Cover the pot, and when the water returns to a boil, set your timer for 10-15 minutes, depending on size. Consult our live lobster cooking guide for more information on properly preparing and cooking live lobsters.

Lobster Gram hereby certifies that each lobster and lobster tail we sell were fished using 100% sustainable sources and methods. All lobster fisheries that claim 100% sustainable sourcing must abide by the Lobster Conservation Code of Conduct in order to ensure a healthy, sustainable resource and a vital fishery.

  • All of the lobsters we offer at Lobster Gram are fished fresh from the North Atlantic. We ship live lobsters and package them with special gel packs and ensure a limited shipping time span to guarantee they will arrive live at your doorstep.
  • We also ship frozen lobster tails by packaging them in dry ice. This keeps them frozen during shipping (fresh-frozen). The tails were caught, cut, and packaged fresh. All Lobster Gram lobster tails are wild-caught and preservative-free.

We suggest that all our frozen products be thawed in the refrigerator overnight. However, we do have a quick thaw method. Quick Thaw Method: Place sealed bags in cold water for 30-60 minutes. Replace water once. If your tails are not thawed throughout, the meat inside the tail will not cook all the way.