When Turf meets Surf … it’s the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

We’re making new friends and are excited to share them with you.

Just like D’Artagnan, Lobster Gram was founded by a passionate food entrepreneur in the 1980s, with the desire to share a very special culinary experience and product.

The good folks at Lobster Gram were the first to ship live lobsters to home cooks across the nation, allowing anyone to appreciate the pleasures of the New England table, no matter how far from the coast.

Lobster Gram is committed to providing premium-quality products with top-notch customer service and will deliver on the date of your choice … as their slogan says, “From Our Shore to Your Door.”

Choose from live lobsters fresh from the cold waters of the Atlantic, massive King Crab legs from the Bering Sea, and generous seafood towers, among the many delicious options.

Celebrate holidays, send gifts to loved ones, or treat yourself to a great meal at Lobster Gram.