We've got great charcuterie recipes, whether you'd like to make your own or are looking for creative uses for ours.

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Fig & Prosciutto Tart

by D'Artagnan

This beautiful fig and prosciutto tart recipe is easy to make. You may swap figs with ripe stone fruits. Serve at room temperature for a party, picnic...

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Grits with Tasso Ham

by Alison Attenborough

This easy recipe proves that creamy corn grits are made even better when topped with spicy Tasso ham. This polenta is the ultimate quick comfort food....

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Basque Brochettes

by D'Artagnan

This easy skewer recipe highlights Basque flavors - shrimp, piment d'espelette and Jambon de Bayonne. Bake or grill them for party-perfect results in ...

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Bacon & Onion Tarte

by Ariane Daguin

Make our version of Andre Soltner's famous Tarte Flambée recipe with ventrèche for your next party. Frozen puff pastry makes it easy and luscious crèm...

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