French Kisses

Cook Time 30 minutes
Yield Serves 2-4
RECIPE Ingredients
Recipe notes

The French Kiss is a D’Artagnan original inspired by the rich flavors of Gascony. This simple recipe - prunes soaked in Armagnac filled with mousse of foie gras - is one step this side of paradise, and a favorite of Ariane. Use the best and largest prunes you can find. If you can find PGI-certified pruneax d’Agen from Southwest France they are preferred, but only about 30% of those juicy delicacies are exported. French kisses are an intense experience and will make a delightful amuse-bouche.

RECIPE Preparation
  1. Take a sip of the Armagnac to make sure it’s yummy.
  2. In a small bowl or container, pour Armagnac over the prunes, cover, and refrigerate for several days up to several weeks.
  3. Remove the prunes from the bowl and place them on a plate. Take a sip of the Armagnac to confirm the prunes flavored it well. Save this to make a cocktail or a sauce to drizzle on foie gras later.
  4. Use your finger to enlarge the hole in the prune. Soften the mousse at room temperature for 20 minutes or so. Fill a pastry bag with the mousse of foie gras and carefully stuff each prune.
  5. Serve with cocktails or on a charcuterie board.