Graduation Party Recipes & Tips

Here are some recipes that will make any graduation party both festive and delicious for all your guests, young and old. From make-ahead ideas to grilling à la minute, we’ve got a range of inspirations.

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School days are over, and the summer is just beginning! Celebrate the accomplishments of your graduate at an outdoor party with simple yet refined dishes that can please a crowd. And keep in mind that the attendees might come in waves as they hop from party to party—it is graduation season, after all.

Nothing says summer like a good grill out. For sausage lovers, our artisanal gourmet game sausages come in enough flavors to satisfy everyone. Spicy lamb merguez sausage chars up well on the grill, and when topped with our creamy harissa sauce and tucked into a pita, makes a Middle Eastern-style hot dog. Or do as the French do, and serve lamb merguez on a baguette with mustard.

Speaking of sausage, try an easy recipe for super pig in a blanket—our jumbo garlic sausage wrapped in store-bought puff pastry. Slice to serve, and your adult guests will enjoy the savory taste with grainy mustard and a beer.

Burger purists will appreciate the quality of our Wagyu burgers, which make for impressive –and succulent—burgers. Or try our lean buffalo burgers for an alternative that is both tasty and healthy. We like to make our Big Bleu Burgers with smoky hickory bacon and the best blue cheese we can find.

Pizza Party
Pizza is a well-acknowledged favorite of the younger set. But pizza can be sophisticated, too. Our recipe for flatbread pizza with duck confit is an inspiration for pizza with panache. Why not use heritage pork bacon as a topping—or even duck bacon?

While our game sausages are a hit when charred on the grill, they also bring pizza to a new level when crumbled or sliced on top. Experiment with sausage made from duck, chicken, lamb, venison, rabbit, or wild boar.

Charcuterie has a place at every party, but rather than the usual platter of cured and smoked meats, slice dry-cured artisanal dry-cured saucisson sec or smoked duck breast for a simple and unusual pizza topping.

Mix it up
Since you may have to feed succeeding waves of guests, mix up some buffalo chili ahead of time and have it ready on the stove to be warmed for late comers. A batch of spicy jambalaya with andouille, chorizo and tasso ham will serve the same purpose, but with a Cajun accent and a gah-rawn-TEE to taste amazing.

Lasagna of any kind is a pot-luck favorite, but our delightful white rabbit lasagna is exquisite with a creamy rabbit ragout and béchamel accented with lots of wild mushrooms.

Pasta is also an ideal choice for parties. Served hot or cold, pasta goes from side dish to meal when complemented by shredded smoked chicken or duck breast, diced and seared ventreche (pancetta), duck bacon, or even simply ground beef that has been sautéed with wild mushrooms. If you want to make more traditional meatballs to top the pasta, or even to serve on sandwiches, try this recipe for Frankies’ Meatballs.