Understanding Preserved Truffles & Mushrooms

D'Artagnan shelf-stable truffles are beautifully preserved and the next best thing to fresh. They’re great to have on-hand year round, especially after the short truffle season has ended. Our shelf-stable truffles are sourced from the Perigord region of France. They are minimally handled under strict production guidelines, by a fourth generation family that has been in the truffle business since the 1800s.

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D’Artagnan prepared truffle products are gourmet pantry staples. Our truffle butters and oils are high quality and carefully crafted for exceptional truffle flavor and aroma. D’Artagnan prepared truffle products are musts in any food-lover’s kitchen.

Canned Whole Summer Truffles
D’Artagnan Canned Whole Summer Truffles are high-quality Italian black summer truffles, Tuber aestivum, carefully brushed, washed and preserved with truffle juice and sea salt. They have prominent black scales and a firm beige flesh with white veining. Summer truffles boast a smooth, well rounded truffle flavor and aroma with notes of hazelnut and fresh earth. Our whole summer truffles are consciously chosen for size and shape to ensure uniformity when slicing, perfect for shaving onto a dish right before serving or using in a recipe where the truffles will feature prominently.

Summer Truffle Peelings
Our Summer Truffle Peelings are highest-quality Italian black summer truffle slices (true slices not broken pieces) preserved with truffle juice, French sea salt and carefully packed in 8 ounce cans and unlike other brands, contain no added water. Summer truffle peelings have a slightly crunchy texture with a nutty aroma and earthy truffle flavor. The ruffled slices look and taste fantastic in soups, dips, braises, sauces and even topping canapés.

Truffle Juice
D’Artagnan Truffle Juice is 100% pressed juice from black winter truffles, Tuber melanosporum, harvested, pressed and packed in the Perigord region of France. The chestnut colored nectar is richly perfumed with an earthy, slightly yeasty truffle scent reminiscent of dark porter beer with notes of bitter cocoa. Excellent for adding depth and character to sauces, broths, braises, stews and vinaigrettes.

Truffle Butters
Our Black Truffle Butter is made with natural sweet cream butter, real black truffle pieces and black truffle juice with a kiss of black truffle oil and soy sauce for seasoning and depth. Special care is taken to ensure the right ratio of truffle pieces in each batch so the creaminess of the butter is perfectly balanced with robust truffle flavor and aroma. D’Artagnan White Truffle Butter combines fresh creamery butter with earthy porcini mushrooms and our white truffle oil. The seductive scent of white truffle butter is deep and complex with notes of fresh garlic, parmesan, sharp white truffle and a bold flavor that lingers beautifully. A knob of our white truffle butter makes even the most humble dish decadent. 

Truffle Oils
Our Black Truffle Flavored Oil is intensely umami-flavored with a favorable musky aroma with subtle hints of minerality. Our White Truffle Flavored Oil has concentrated flavor with sharp garlicky notes. Both oils add well-rounded flavor of truffle when used sparingly as a finishing oil. Drizzle lightly in sauces, vinaigrettes, over egg dishes and the four-p’s: potatoes, pasta, pizza and popcorn.