Truffle Butter Recipes and Uses

Truffle butter is one of those items that will forever change the way you cook. Available in black and white varieties, this refrigerator staple is easy to use and will enhance everything it touches with the rich and earthy flavor truffles. Truffle butter can be used to flavor various dishes and enhance recipes, or enjoyed on its own, spread on bread or crackers. Read on for our top 12 easy ways to get you cooking with truffle butter.

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1. Make a Truffle Butter Burger

Bury a slice of chilled truffle butter in the center of a patty just before searing or grilling – as the butter melts, it will keep the center juicy while the outside develops a flavorful crust.

2. Put Truffle Butter on a Steak

Compound butter is a great steak topper. Let a pat of truffle butter soften on top of a perfectly seared steak to intensify its savory, meaty flavor.

3. Rub Truffle Butter Under Poultry Skin

Massage softened black truffle butter under the skin of chicken or turkey before roasting for moist flesh with deep flavor, and crisp skin dotted with truffle bits.

4. Enrich a Pan Sauce with Truffle Butter

Finish a simple pan sauce with a generous spoon of truffle butter for extra silky mouth-feel and rich, truffle flavor.

5. Try Truffle Butter Eggs

Truffle butter and eggs make a harmonious pairing; the pungent truffle flavor complements the rich, creaminess of soft-cooked egg, and whips into scrambled eggs beautifully. Our eggs en cocotte recipe is enhanced with black truffle butter.

6. Make Truffle Butter Mushrooms

A dab of truffle butter echoes the complex, meaty taste of sautéed mushrooms, intensifying their woodsy, nutty flavor.

7. Upgrade Potatoes with Truffle Butter

Add a knob of truffle butter to mashed potatoes, or toss roasted baby potatoes with truffle butter. Try our Pommes Anna recipe to see how truffle butter transforms the humble potato.

8. Improve Pasta & Rice with Truffle Butter

Try tossing a scoop of truffle butter with hot pasta or stir truffle butter into risotto. Our creamy pasta recipe with pancetta, mushrooms and truffle butter is a sure-fire winner. Give mac and cheese with truffle butter a try.

9. Put Truffle Butter on Veggies

Steamed tender-crisp vegetables with a bit of melted truffle butter make for a simple but decadent side dish. Our Truffle Butter Hollandaise Sauce is perfect on asparagus.

10. Bring Truffle Butter on a Picnic

Spread truffle butter on bread, then add fresh salad greens and a pile of paper-thin Jambon de Bayonne for a quick and satisfying tartine - that's French for open-faced sandwich.

11. Slather Truffle Butter on a Sandwich

A crisp ficelle sliced lengthwise, filled with soft truffle butter and salty artisanal dry-cured saucisson sec makes a wonderful sandwich. The classic croque monsieur is even better with truffle butter. Grilled cheese made with Gruyere and truffle butter? Bien sur

12. Pop Truffle Butter Popcorn

Popped in duck fat, and tossed with truffle butter, our decadent popcorn recipe will glam up your movie night at home.

About D’Artagnan Truffle Butter

D’Artagnan truffle butter is made in small batches to exacting specifications from proprietary recipes, ensuring a consistent product with unmatched quality and taste. Both black truffle butter and white truffle butter should be in the refrigerator of every serious home cook.

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