Six Compound Butters that Will Change the Way You Cook

So easy to make, compound butter is a classic French accompaniment that combines an ingredient – truffle, basil, garlic, or mushrooms, for example – with creamy butter. Compound butter is good to have handy in the refrigerator to impart depth of flavor to grilled steak, pork, lamb or veal chops, and more. We recommend adding a generous pat on top of your just-cooked meat while it’s resting. That melty butter will add a special something as it mingles with the natural juices, making an instant sauce on your plate. All you need are a few simple ingredients and basic kitchen tools, and you’ll be rolling logs of buttery goodness in no time.

Six Compound Butters that Will Change the Way You Cook

Here are 6 flavor boosters you can mix up in no time.

Anchovy Butter for Steaks & Chops

With plenty of umami, this creamy anchovy butter will enhance the flavor of steaks, burgers, lamb chops, venison, and more. Add a pat to the top of your meat while it rests, or stir it into sauces or braises. 

Bleu Cheese Butter for Steaks & Chops

Bleu cheese fans will find many ways to enjoy this compound butter with its creamy richness and salty bite. Great for topping grilled steaks, burgers, and pork or veal chops. We used Roquefort but any semi-soft bleu cheese will work.

Korean Chili Butter for Steaks & Chops

Complex and tangy Korean gochujang enriches this compound butter and brings just the right amount of spice and dimension of flavor, as well as bright color. Try it with grilled steaks, burgers, chicken, pork chops, and more.

Herb & Garlic Butter for Steaks & Chops

Use your favorite herbs in any combination for this simple compound butter. The herbaceous flavor will enhance steaks, chops, duck breast, lamb, chicken, and more. Add a generous pat on top of your meat while it rests.

Mushroom & Shallot Butter for Steaks & Chops

Dried and reconstituted mushrooms combine to create an earthy compound butter with richness and depth of flavor. We like a generous pat on grilled steaks and chops, but you can add butter to venison, buffalo, and game meats.

Tomato & Basil Butter for Steaks & Chops

This compound butter has classic summer flavors and pairs well with grilled beef, pork, and veal. Make it for your next backyard meal, and add a generous pat on top of your steaks and chops while they’re resting. You might even sneak a bit for the corn.