Gourmet Dinner Ideas

The one-pot meal. For an impressive dinner party, make the ultimate French all-in-one meal:cassoulet, a casserole made from duck confit, sausage, and white beans. Cassoulet D'Artagnan is made easy with our Cassoulet Recipe Kit, containing just about everything you need to make the traditional dish. To save time on party day, make the dish entirely the day before. It actually tastes better this way!

  • For another hearty, slow-cooked dish, try Coq au Vin D'Artagnan, a French stew with chicken cooked in red wine. Serve the flavorful stew over egg noodles for a complete meal.
  • Pasta dishes always make a lovely all-in-one meal. Pappardelle with Rabbit, Porcini & Parmesan will deliver the earthy flavors of mushrooms and parmesan with the delicate flavor of rabbit. The thick pappardelle noodles tie the whole dish together.

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Star of the Plate

  • Marinate quail in oil, vinegar, and aromatics, like garlic, ginger, crushed red pepper flakes, herbs, and lemongrass. Sauté or grill them until they are cooked through. Since quail are small, they cook very quickly.
  • Dust a delicious steak with porcini mushroom powder and season with salt and pepper right before cooking. Sear in a hot skillet on both sides, leaving the center medium-rare. The porcini powder will add extra “umami,” or savoriness.
  • Simple and understated crisp oven-roasted chicken with rosemary potatoes will give you beautiful chicken with crispy skin and juicy meat. Roast winter squash or cauliflower along with the potatoes for something different.

Dinner Side Dishes

  • Forget frozen rolls and opt instead for duck fat Yorkshire pudding, puffy airy rolls made from a thin eggy batter typically cooked in hot drippings from a roast. Just substitute duck fat for the traditional meat drippings for a special treat.
  • For those who love a squishy bread roll, but want something different at dinner, try our Black Truffle Butter Parker House Rolls.
  • Truffle creamed spinach is a welcome side for almost any main dish. Melt truffle butter in a skillet. Sauté shallots and garlic until fragrant. Add fresh baby spinach and cook until wilted. Finish with a splash of cream and season to taste with salt and pepper.
  • A basic risotto with parmesan cheese is an excellent base for sliced roast beef or a perfectly roasted chicken. Give your risotto the D’Artagnan touch by stirring in sautéed mushrooms and topping it with crisp pancetta crumbles.