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Cassoulet is a traditional, thick bean and meat stew from the Southwest of France, where it takes on almost religious importance. Every town has a variation on the recipe, and each believes their interpretation is the only true cassoulet. We offer an easy-to-follow recipe kit that will make you an expert in no time (and a believer in the superiority of our version). If it's your first time making cassoulet, be sure to check the cooking tips before you begin. Cassoulet makes a hearty meal that is perfect for sharing with friends along with a bottle (or two) of robust red wine.


Just the facts

Download the Cassoulet Recipe for 4

Download the Cassoulet Recipe for 12

With or without the clay bowl, our cassoulet kit makes a marvelous gift for those who love to cook. In fact, it is mentioned as such in the Bloomberg BusinessWeek holiday gift guide for 2015.

Note: Please see individual product pages for nutritional, allergen information and expiration dates.

Cassoulet kit is available with the clay bowl in limited quantities. Please be sure to click the correct button to order either: the cassoulet recipe kit ingredients, just the bowl, or both the ingredients and the bowl in the specially-priced package.

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Cooking & Serving

Mix the beans with the meat once all the beans are cooked, and some of them start to burst. The beans should be soft before the final process of combining meat and beans begins.

There are 6 duck legs in the large kit, and 3 in the smaller kit. For both kits, these should be cut in half at the joint if you plan to cook and serve them on the bone. It is easier to feed a crowd if you shred the duck leg confit and layer it with the other meats. This disperses it evenly throughout the mixture, giving each mouthful a combination of flavors.

Don't hesitate to cut open the crust to check if the casserole is drying out too much inside. The texture should be that of a thick stew. If the texture seems too dry or pasty, add some liquid, such as stock or demi-glace.

Cassoulet should be eaten very hot.

Drink a robust red wine with cassoulet, like Madiran or Malbec.

Cassoulet is quite filling, so is often served with little else than a refreshing salad and a slice of rustic bread to mop out the bowl.

And don't forget to enjoy the leftovers. Cassoulet is always better the next day!

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