Unique Burger Ideas

Think outside the beef. Burgers have come a long way since the original ground beef patty graced the inside of a white bread bun. With our variety of ground meats - lamb, venison, heritage pork, and more - it’s easy to make amazing patties that are creative, tasty, and delightful. Almost any ground protein can be transformed into the juicy, flavorful burger of your choice. Here are some of our best bets for banging burgers.

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Better Burgers with Bison

Ground bison patties are a close cousin of the beef burger and can be prepared almost the same way. Bison meat is higher in protein, lower in fat, calories, and cholesterol, and a touch sweeter than beef. Due to its leaner composition, make sure not to overcook buffalo burgers. For a rich twist, try topping buffalo burgers with a thin slice of seared foie gras just before serving. Bacon is also a nice topping that adds some welcome fat to the lean patties.

Lots of Love for Lamb Burgers

Fans of lamb agree that nothing beats a patty of ground lamb that’s been flavored with fresh rosemary and black pepper. Middle Eastern cuisine uses a lot of ground lamb in kebab and patty form, and it’s great to employ the flavors of the Mediterranean when making lamb burgers; feta cheese, garlic, fresh oregano and parsley, or the fresh herbs of your choice. Try za’atar or lemon whipped into labneh - or rich Greek yogurt - spread on the bun. Serve with a shepherd’s salad - equal parts chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, and red onions generously drenched in lemon and good olive oil. Get recipe.

Va-Va-Voom Venison Burgers

Versatile venison - the other red meat - is a great choice to refresh your burger routine. Enjoy the clean, sweet, and satisfying flavor of this lean red meat cooked to rare or medium rare. Be mindful when cooking this lean meat because it cooks faster than beef or other red meats. No fat means no protection from the heat, so some mix ground pork or pure fat into venison meat for texture. A venison burger is complemented by aged cheddar cheese, sauteed sweet onions, and arugula. We like to serve venison with bacon on top.

Palate-Pleasing Pork Burgers

Raise the bar on your burgers with ground Berkshire pork. The 80/20 blend brings that famously creamy pork fat into the mix and offers a lighter flavor profile that plays well with a wide variety of spices and accompaniments. Cut red meat grinds with hearty pork for lighter burgers with great flavor and fat content. Try mixing ground pork with ginger, garlic, soy sauce, and scallions, then serve with Asian slaw and a drizzle of hoisin sauce or sriracha mayo. Add chili powder or hot sauce to your patties and top with pepper jack cheese and jalapenos. Stuff pork patties with cheddar, mozzarella, or blue cheese, and top with crispy bacon and avocado. For a taste of fall, mix with apples, sage, and cinnamon, then serve with caramelized onions and apple butter.

Truly Tasty Turkey Burgers

Turkey is truly a lean way to go when choosing your burger protein. Complementary flavors for turkey include sautéed onion and mixed organic mushrooms, herbs, avocado, pesto, and, of course, bacon. Want to enrich your turkey burgers even further? Mix in ground Berkshire pork to amp up the fat content. Top with smoky bacon and melty cheddar. Our fantastic duck bacon makes a nice and surprising addition.

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