Beef: Understanding Your Choices

A t D'Artagnan we believe in choices, especially when it comes to beef. Some swear by grass-fed beef, relishing its leanness and extolling its nutritional value. Others prefer their beef with a pale network of fat marbled throughout, adding flavor and succulence. Still others prefer a truly luxurious beef experience like Wagyu beef with glistening veins of pure fat. And we have a cut of beef for every palate.

Read on to learn about the different types of beef that we offer.

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Angus Beef

Our marbled and flavorful Angus beef comes from cattle raised exclusively for D’Artagnan by a cooperative of ranchers committed to strict protocols of humane animal husbandry.

Just imagine if you could raise steer in your own backyard, eating grass and locally-grown alfalfa hay, barley, and corn for a few months. That’s exactly what our ranchers do – but in a 10,000-acre backyard.

No antibiotics, hormones or steroids are ever used, which means the cattle take a little longer to come to market, but that’s fine with us. A stress-free lifestyle produces tasty results.

Many fans of beef have found that after they try our pasture-raised Angus beef they can’t eat any other beef. Explore our Angus beef cuts and find a new favorite.

Grass-Fed Beef

Australia has vast pastureland, clean rainfall and abundant sunshine, which is a great recipe for raising cattle. Our 100% grass-fed beef comes from a group of ranchers that want to keep things natural and humane when it comes to raising cattle.

The Angus and Hereford cattle are born and raised completely free-range in pastures of alfalfa and rye, both high-protein grasses which convert to soft-textured muscle, not fat.

In keeping with our principles, the cattle are treated humanely and are free of any hormones, stimulants or antibiotics. It’s better for the cattle, the ranchers, the environment, and ultimately, for the taste and quality of the beef.

All the exercise contributes to a firm, yet springy texture in the beef. The lean and tender meat has a mild flavor profile and offers high protein, minerals and B-group vitamins such as niacin, thiamin, and zinc. Grass-fed beef tends to be lower in fat, and ours has about 30% less than conventionally-raised, grain-finished beef.

Wagyu Beef

The Wagyu cattle are an extraordinary breed, native to Japan, where they developed in isolation with a unique genetic propensity to high marbling. The Japanese have evolved special feeding programs for these cattle to put fat in all the right places.

We work with conscientious Texas ranchers to bring superior Wagyu beef to market. They combine Texas ranching know-how with Japanese feeding techniques to produce extraordinary results.

The cattle begin on pasture land and are then introduced to a gradual feeding system, with seven different feed variations, which include grain and corn, free-choice minerals and fresh water. Just like their Japanese cousins, a strictly-followed diet rotation is the secret to the development of the characteristic marbling, delicate texture, and superb flavor.

No antibiotics, hormones or animal by-products are ever used. Raised until the age of 30-36 months, the cattle are fully monitored at every stage of their growth.

Centuries of breeding, decades of ranching experience, and our commitment to excellence all come together in this marbled, delicately-textured and richly-flavored beef.

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