Microwaving Bacon

Some people love microwaving bacon. Convenience, speed, and clean-up are the reasons most cited for cooking bacon in the microwave. The technique involves a great deal of paper towels to soak up all the bacon fat, which also means you don’t get to save that fat. There are times when you need bacon in a flash, and that’s what microwave ovens are for, right? Read on for more details and tips for bacon success.

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Just like every stove is different, so is every microwave. Some microwave ovens have bacon settings, and if yours does, you don’t need to overthink this. Use the magic button!

The thing about microwaving bacon is that you need to absorb all that delicious bacon fat that renders out.

Start with a microwave-safe plate, and then put several layers of paper towel on top. Then place your bacon strips on that, laying them side by side without overlapping. One more layer of paper towel to cover the bacon protects your microwave from getting a bacon fat shower.

Pop that plate into the microwave for about 3 minutes at the highest setting. Estimate 30 seconds per bacon slice, while keeping in mind that microwaves vary, and so does bacon. The best thing is to keep an eye on the bacon and stop the microwave if the bacon is done before the set time.

If the bacon is still chewy, it needs more time. If it is shatteringly crisp, you did it right.

However you cook bacon, it’s good to let it sit on a few paper towels before serving. Depending on the cooking technique, you will probably have some excess bacon fat clinging to the strips.