How to Glove Bone Chicken & Poultry

Glove-boning a bird requires that you remove the backbone, rib cage, shoulder bones, wishbone, and thigh bones without tearing the skin or detaching it from the meat. The wings are left attached. It is important to use a sharp boning knife. Reserve all bones for stock or sauce. Once deboned, your poultry can be stuffed with forcemeat and trussed then roasted.

How to: Bone Glove Poultry - How-To's & Tip –

Step 1
Cut off wing tips and then open neck area and cut along the inside of the wishbone to pull it free. Work knife blade around to free the meat from around the backbone. Make sure to keep meat attached to skin.

Step 2
Use your knife to loosen the shoulder meat from the inside. Place thumbs on either side of the shoulders and start paring back meat from bones to the point where you can see or feel the wing sockets. Cut through them to separate from the carcass. Start turning the meat and skin inside out like a glove. With the point of your knife, cut meat away from breast bones, scraping the blade against the bone to keep from cutting meat.

Step 3
Turn bird breast side down. Complete separating meat from bones by exposing the backbone, taking care not to break the skin. Continue gently to coax meat and skin from skeleton until all interior bones are exposed to the thigh joint.

Step 4
Grab drumstick and pull thighbone out of hip socket. Cut thighbone free, making sure to leave meat attached to skin.

Step 5
Finish pulling meat off the skeleton to the tailbone and cut with knife. Return it delicately so the skin is on the outside. At this point your bird it totally inside out. Reassemble bird, keeping skin taut as you bring it back over meat.