D'Artagnan Sourcing

We believe that food raised right tastes better. Long before buzz words cluttered the foodscape, D’Artagnan was committed to free-range, natural production and sustainable, humane farming practices. For more than 35 years we have taken our responsibility seriously and partnered with farmers and ranchers that respect animals and the earth. We do it because it’s the right way to farm, and it produces the highest quality and most flavorful meat.

Our farmers uphold the strictest standards, and keep animals healthy by giving them plenty of space and sunshine, allowing natural behaviors, and providing pasture along with wholesome grain feed. Each farmer signs an affidavit to never use antibiotics or added hormones.

Over the years we have developed many exclusive programs with farming cooperatives like the examples below.

D'Artagnan Sourcing

D’Artagnan Green Circle™ Chicken

Green Circle™ chicken is a very special bird: certified humane and regeneratively raised, sustainable, and exclusively available at D’Artagnan. To provide this exemplary chicken we developed a program with our network of small Amish and Mennonite family farms in Pennsylvania. They follow the common-sense, waste-nothing philosophy of days past when poultry lived on vegetable scraps and roamed freely around farmyards and pastureland.

Today that translates to a special program where bruised or otherwise imperfect vegetables are recycled and fed to the free-ranging chickens. This saves the vegetables from becoming waste and provides valuable nutrients to the chickens. From start to finish, these birds are treated and fed well, and the result is a supremely tasty chicken on your table.

D’Artagnan Beef

At D'Artagnan we believe in choices, especially when it comes to beef. We’re proud of our ranchers that raise cattle with humane, ethical, and sustainable practices – whether it’s our grass-fed, grain-finished beef or Wagyu beef.

We are proud to partner with a sixth-generation family-run meat business in Southern Australia and Tasmania for our premium grass-fed beef. Their cooperative of small ranches is fully committed to sustainable and ethical practices, nurturing cattle in a stress-free, humane environment.

Raising cattle in pristine, remote locations with vast pastures of nutritious grasses and fresh ocean breezes – proven to be the cleanest air in the world – creates premium beef. The Angus and English cattle breeds are selected for genetics that deliver consistent high-quality beef with rich, full flavor and lush texture. This is beef you can be proud to serve.

D’Artagnan Berkshire Pork

The D’Artagnan cooperative of small family farms that raise Berkshire hogs is dedicated to traditional, humane, and sustainable methods. They seek to add another farmer to the cooperative before they add more pigs to any single farm, making the process more humane for all concerned. Each farm is strict about banning the use of antibiotics, and gives hogs full access to pasture, water, and supplemental grain consisting of corn, soybeans, and rolled oats. The majority of the farms are sustainable "circle farms" that raise and grind their own feed.

Families of pigs are left together, to forage and frolic outdoors on pasture, as nature intended. The indoor spaces offer at least 15 square feet of space per animal, and sows are never put in gestation crates.

Our Berkshire pork is exceptionally tender, well-marbled, flavorful, and a world apart from the average commodity pork.