Wild Scottish Pheasant


Wild Scottish Pheasant


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Try lean, wild pheasant for a unique game flavor found only in these truly wild birds procured from hunting preserves in Scotland. And only for a limited season each year.

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Did you know that the pheasant is the most widely-consumed game bird in the world? We are doing our part to keep it at the top, and hope you will pitch in.

The majority of pheasant consumed comes from farms, which is why our wild game bird is such an extraordinary treat. Procured in private weekend hunts organized exclusively for D'Artagnan, our wild pheasant is only available for a few months out of the year.

The taste of wild pheasant is richer than its domesticated counterpart. That flavor is due to the exercise and diet of the wild birds. Roaming the fields and forest gives them more muscle, and eating only forage brings a unique flavor with hints of heather to the lean meat.

Take care when cooking meat this precious; keep it rare and use plenty of fat where you can. And look out for shot.

Just the facts

  • Truly wild, never farm-raised
  • Subject to availability (sometimes hunters miss)
  • Fresh stock is generally available from October to February
  • Sold in an uncooked state
  • Eviscerated, giblets not included
  • Serves one
  • Game meat may occasionally contain the shot, so chew carefully
  • Product of Great Britain
  • For best taste on fresh products, use or freeze within 3-5 days of receipt; for frozen products, use within 1-2 days after thawing

Our wild Scottish game is procured at private weekend estate hunts organized exclusively for D'Artagnan during hunting season.

The wild birds live on game preserves and great estates in the Scotland, where they forage on the moors and in the forests. Their diet of berries, heather and foraged tundra, along with constant exercise, gives their meat a distinctive flavor.

After the hunt, the birds are immediately processed in a facility supervised by European Economic Community Inspectors. The EEC inspection satisfies the USDA laws, so we are able to offer game birds despite the prohibition on selling hunted game in the United States. Packaged and sent by air to arrive at our warehouse within just two days of the hunt, this is the freshest possible game you will find (unless you hunt it yourself).

Our wild game birds are available in the fall and winter months only, and many game meat aficionados wait with increasing excitement for hunting season to begin. We do have to warn you to watch for shot when preparing and eating wild game birds.

Lean game birds can do with a little brining before cooking, to help maintain moisture. After patting it dry, place the bird breast side up in the refrigerator overnight (do plan ahead for this) to dry out the skin so that it crisps when roasted. And start with a very hot oven for 15 minutes or so, then reduce the temperature and roast for 30 minutes. The three B’s, basting, barding and braising, are always useful when cooking lean game meat.

Our Scottish Game Birds

We are the original source in the United States for truly wild game birds. Ours are procured fresh from game preserves and great estates in Scotland during hunting season. Living on heather, berries and tundra forage, our game birds offer an authentic taste of place, known as terroir in wine terms.

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