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Summer Truffle Peelings


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Fresh truffles, a miracle of nature, are sadly only available for a short time each year. Our preserved truffles, on the other hand, are always there for you, bringing their earthy flavor to your kitchen.

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The summer truffle (Tuber aestivum) is a close cousin of the Burgundy truffle (Tuber unicinatum), and is usually in season from April to mid-September. But with our canned truffle peelings, which contain only real truffle slices, not breakings, you can have true truffle flavor any time of the year.

Harvested in France during the season, these summer truffles are carefully brushed, washed and sliced thinly. They are steamed and preserved with truffle juice, sea salt, and nothing else.

Black summer truffles are similar in appearance to the black winter truffles, though they are lighter in color. With prominent black scales and a firm, white-veined beige flesh, summer truffles have a more delicate flavor and a wonderful, slightly nutty aroma with notes of hazelnut and fresh earth.

Use them in pasta, eggs or cheese dishes, or to finish sauces or stews with a flourish. Our preserved truffle products are the perfect alternative when the fleeting season for fresh truffles comes to an end.

Just the facts

  • 100% whole summer truffle (Tuber aestivum)
  • Peelings, not breakings
  • Steamed, fully cooked
  • 8 oz. can
  • Allergen: Contains mushrooms
  • Gluten-free
  • Product of France
  • For best taste, use within 1 year of receipt and/or by the expiration date on the package

While there have been attempts to cultivate and farm truffles, nature is still the most reliable source. A truffle is an irregular, round-shaped fruiting body of fungi, which grows underground in a symbiotic and mysterious relationship with the roots of trees. On average, truffles vary in size from a walnut to a golf ball, but there are sometimes exceptional truffles that can weigh a pound or more.

Most commonly, truffles are found in France, Italy and Spain, but are also found in other countries. Because of their rarity (it takes years for a truffle to develop) and the trouble it takes to find them, truffles are expensive.

Truffle hunters seek them at night to avoid being followed by competitors who might discover the best collection sites. Although truffle hogs were used to locate the aromatic fungi historically, dogs are the more common modern hunting companion because they can be trained not to eat the truffles once they find them.

Our truffle peelings are steeped in truffle juice to preserve them, and impart a lovely truffle essence to anything they touch. Be sure to save and use the juice in a sauce or dressing, or stirred into whatever you make with the peelings.

Try these truffle peelings tossed with pasta, eggs or cheese dishes, or use them to finish creamy sauces. They are especially useful in recipes like mac ‘n’ cheese, whipped potatoes, ravioli or risotto. Try them on top of canapés, paired with other mushrooms and as an accent to anything with truffle butter in it. Enhance the flavor of simply-seasoned grilled steaks by finishing them with a pat of butter topped with some summer truffle peelings.

truffles (Tuber aestivum), truffle juice, salt

Our Preserved Truffles

Truffles are one of the supreme luxuries in nature. They have rarely been cultivated; instead they are foraged from the roots of trees in great secrecy in the forests of Europe. Earthy and intoxicating, their distinctive fragrance has inspired culinary brilliance for centuries. But the season is fleeting, which is why we offer preserved truffle products year-round. With all-natural ingredients, they are the next best thing to fresh truffles.

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