Savory Dessert Ideas

If you are looking for a creative way to end a meal, look no further than the collection of D’Artagnan products. While most of the items may have obvious savory applications, dessert ideas abound if you open your eyes to them.

D'Artagnan for Dessert - Everyday Food –

Duck Fat For Dessert

Lard or butter can be easily swapped out with duck fat in many baking recipes. Try duck fat in pâte brisée, which is standard pie and tart dough, to give a very subtle flavor shift. See how the slight duckiness complements fruit fillings by using the dough to make a classic apple pie or a tart filled with lemon curd and topped with sliced fresh plums. Tap into the Southwestern U.S. and use duck fat to make biscochitos, a New Mexican spiced shortbread cookie served at holidays.

Make Bacon Candy

We’ve all experienced the sweet-and-salty delight that occurs when the bacon aside our French toast accidentally mingles with the maple syrup. The result is heavenly. Turn this concept into unique dessert ideas! Make your own pig brittle, a caramelized sugar and nut confection with chunks of bacon scattered throughout and a punch of chipotle. Or for a heartier dessert, try a sweet bread pudding laced with maple syrup, pecans, and bacon.

Foie Gras, Oh, You Sweet Thing

The sweet and buttery flavor of foie gras begs to be made into ice cream. Once your foie gras ice cream is almost set, add chunks of fresh cherries. When serving, drizzle the top with a tiny bit of thick balsamic vinegar. Or make our indulgent foie gras crème brulée for a creamy surprise.

Try True Truffles

Believe it or not, pears and black truffles are quite the combination. Start with a Bartlett or Bosc pear. If the pear is incredibly ripe and juicy, merely halve, remove the core, and place on a plate, cut-side up. If the pear is under-ripe, poach it simply first in sweet white wine. Shave a little black truffle over the top and scatter with tarragon leaves. What an interesting and healthy end to a meal. If you're feeling a bit more indulgent, try our recipe for black truffle ice cream. We steep truffles in a vanilla bean custard base before adding to an ice cream machine along with a generous portion of summer truffle peelings. Top with a drizzle of dark chocolate sauce for the ultimate decadent treat.

Choice Chestnuts

Our ready-to-use cooked and skinless chestnuts are unlike any nut you’ve had before. They are very soft and tender, and perfect for making a sweet chestnut purée. Top this sweetened purée with whipped cream to make Mont Blanc, a French dessert that is made to look like the snow-capped Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe. The delicate nutty flavor of the chestnut purée is also very welcome swirled into a cheesecake batter before baking.