How to Build a Caviar Brunch Board

Take the next step in grazing boards and create a fish-focused “seacuterie” board for a special occasion. Just like composing a charcuterie board, you can combine caviar with cooked seafood such as smoked salmon and crab meat, and add accompaniments that bring bright colors and diverse flavors. Let everyone mix and match, dip, and stack to create unique combinations. We suggest this caviar board for an elegant New Year’s Day brunch but you can serve this anytime. Read on for ideas and inspiration to create a seafood spread for two to twenty people.

How to Build a Caviar Brunch Board

The Star of the Show: Ossetra Caviar Malossol

Make our French ossetra caviar the centerpiece when you build your spread. Keep caviar cold by nestling the tin in a bed of ice chips. At its simplest, you can spread caviar on a slice of generously buttered bread like rye or baguette., though we added mini waffles, potato pancakes, and crepes for some variety.

Served in shot glasses, we layered a creamy dip with a little smoked salmon and caviar, accented with sliced radicchio for color. If you want a classic caviar service, serve with yeasted blini, and small bowls containing chopped chives, hard-boiled eggs, capers, crème fraîche, and diced onions so guests can choose the accompaniments they like. The point of a caviar board is to offer many options to explore.

The King of Shellfish: Fully Cooked Crab Meat

Our colossal crab meat makes an impressive presentation - cold in crab cocktail, tucked in a pastry shell with creamy sauce, or served with drawn butter for dipping. A creamy, herby dip is a good option to present near the crab, and it will be versatile enough for most of the items on the board. When layering on a blini, add caviar to a chunk of crab to take it over the top.

Simple and Savory Smoked Salmon

Our smoked Atlantic salmon brings versatility and great, mild flavor to a board. Pile it on blini with creme fraiche and a scoop of caviar for a classic combo. It can be layered in crepes, stacked on top of cream cheese and a waffle, or wrapped around a hard-boiled quail egg.

Easy and Tender Lobster

For a truly epic addition, serve cooked lobster the claw and knuckle meat - straight up with lemon juice, a little salt, or perhaps a cup of drawn butter. Let your guests add it to their stacks of delicious items or enjoy it alone. Nothing says luxe brunch like tender lobster.

A Tapas Favorite: Wild Spanish Octopus

Serve tender fully cooked octopus tentacles in a chopped cold salad with onions, fennel, parsley, lemon juice, and olive oil. Or cut into bite-sized chunks, saute with garlic and smoked paprika, and serve in a small bowl with toothpicks for a tasty addition to the spread.

Teeny Tiny Quail Eggs

Hard-boiled quail eggs make a great addition to the board - especially for low-carb eaters. After all, this is brunch and eggs are customary. They can be used instead of blinis or crackers, and because they are so small, it’s easy to eat several. Quail eggs are great as a vessel for serving caviar, hard-boiled or deviled for a creamy and delightful twist.

Everything is Better with Duck Fat

As a classic accompaniment, potatoes have a place on every caviar board. We find that mini potato pancakes, smashed potatoes, or homemade potato chips are better when fried in duck fat. Or use duck fat to make an aioli dip with chives that will pair with all your seafood selections.

Add Color with Fruits and Vegetables

We laid some arugula down at the start to nestle the other items and fill in empty spots on the board. What vegetables should you add? Radicchio and endive are pretty and can serve as dippers or wrappers, as can bright red, orange, and yellow snack peppers. Sliced cucumbers and radishes offer a burst of flavor and can also hold a dollop of caviar and cream. Olives and capers, along with any other briny items you like are fantastic to add and fill in some spots. Fruits like strawberries, raspberries, starfruit, kumquats, or pomegranate make colorful additions and offer a palate cleanser between savory bites. Use them like a painter to brighten up the board.

Above all, have fun arranging all the delicacies. This should be a casual spread that encourages guests to get creative and try new combinations. Serve Champagne, mimosas, Bloody Marys, or the cocktails of your choice with your caviar brunch board.