When the Best of Land & Sea Meet

Today we’re excited to share that the D’Artagnan and Lobster Gram websites are fully integrated. It’s the perfect pairing.

We both believe that food raised right tastes better. We share deep commitments to sustainability, traceability, and the most humane practices in the fields and oceans.

We source from farmers and fishermen who care passionately about animal welfare and protecting the health of our planet.

We stand behind the quality and sourcing of every product we offer.

Most of all - like you - we appreciate the pleasures of cooking and enjoying good food.

Keep your eyes open for fresh offerings, delicious pairings, and other news from D’Artagnan and Lobster Gram as we evolve together. Our goal is to improve, expand, and keep astounding and delighting you with delicious possibilities.

Life is a feast, and we are so grateful you’re at the table with us.

Seamless Ordering Experience

You can now effortlessly shop the entire D'Artagnan gourmet catalog and Lobster Gram's exquisite seafood in one convenient transaction.

Our new unified cart allows you to add your favorite items from both brands and check out in one easy streamlined process. This means you can focus more on planning your next culinary masterpiece and less on navigating multiple websites.

Expanded Assortment of High-Quality Seafood

Just as meat raised right tastes better, the same applies to seafood. With the addition of Lobster Gram, you now have access to a wider range of sustainably sourced, high-quality seafood, including:

  • Live lobsters, clams and mussels: Fresh, sustainably sourced, and ready for your kitchen.
  • Lobster tails, crab claws & crab meat, and more

Enhanced Shipping Options

To ensure all your products arrive in perfect condition, we have upgraded our shipping methods. All frozen products will now be shipped with dry ice to maintain optimal temperature and freshness.

Our Commitment to Sustainablity

Find out how D’Artagnan and Lobster Gram have always done what is best for the animals, the planet, and our customers.

For Lobster Gram Customers …

As you can see, integrating Lobster Gram into the D'Artagnan website represents a harmonious blend of land and sea. It also means that on your first visit, you will need to log in and reset the password originally used on the retired site. After this little hiccup, we think you’ll be hooked on the new shopping experience.