Matt Rojas

D'Artagnan client since 2010

Matt Rojas is the chef at Rouge et Blanc in New York City. A Chef in his own words, "I have always known that I wanted to be a chef. After graduating from high school in Morenci, Arizona, I moved to Phoenix to attend culinary school...

Chef Matt Rojas

at the Art Institute. I came from a small mountain town where copper mining was the main industry and only a handful of restaurants existed, none of which were mind blowing. My love for food originated from my mother and grandmother. They taught me initial cooking techniques that I still use to this day. My love for butchering meats and fish came from the many fishing and hunting trips I would take with my father. I eagerly experimented with cooking wild game and fish.

I began cooking in professional kitchens at the age of 18 and nine years later my goal of becoming an executive chef was attained at Rouge et Blanc. The years between were spent staging and working in Phoenix, Scottsdale, San Francisco and finally New York. Some admirable chefs I have trained under were Nobuo Fukuda, Daniel Humm, Wesley Genovart and Susur Lee. It has been an incredible experience growing in the field with such artists."