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Sliced Mangalica

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Enjoy the pleasures of authentic dry-cured jamón from Spain with our sliced Mangalica ham. It is made with exquisite pork from the heritage hog native to Hungary, distinctive for its thick coat of curly hair and abundant intramuscular fat, and popularly called “the Kobe beef of pork.” With its dark meat and abundant marbling, Mangalica is ideal for the extended curing time that creates the best Spanish hams. Fourth-generation maestro jamoneros - literally “ masters of ham”– cure Mangalica hind legs for an astounding 3 years in the fresh, clean air of the Rasillo de Cameros Mountains. The result of their artistry is this intensely flavorful ham, streaked with creamy fat that melts on the tongue. Our pre-sliced Mangalica ham makes it easy to add this delicacy to a charcuterie plate or serve with wine, cheese, and a selection of fruit and nuts.

  • Ham made from heritage-breed Mangalica pork
  • Fully air-cured for 30-36 months in Spain
  • A pure expression of jamón
  • Raised on pasture in the Hungarian Steppe
  • Controlled, all-vegetarian diet
  • Spanish charcuterie
  • No nitrates or nitrites added
  • High in omega-3 fatty acids and natural antioxidants
  • Thinly sliced and ready-to-serve
  • Product of Spain
  • Subscription Eligible
  • Subscription Eligible

Charcuterie refers to smoked, cured, or cooked meats, all of which are traditional methods of preservation. In France, the techniques have been elevated to a culinary art form over the centuries.

We follow Old Word recipes and use natural techniques and only the highest quality ingredients to create our diverse line of charcuterie.

Our handmade charcuterie represents the full range of styles and flavors, including bacon, cured ham, cooked, dry-cured, and raw sausages, pâtés and mousses, duck confit, rillettes, and prosciutto, smoked and cured duck, chicken and turkey breasts.