Organic Shiitake Mushrooms


Organic Shiitake Mushrooms



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Fresh, organic shiitake mushrooms, cultivated in pristine conditions. A chef favorite.


Just the facts

  • Cultivated mushrooms
  • Certified organic
  • Available all year
  • Allergen: Contains mushrooms
  • Product of the USA
  • For best taste, store in the refrigerator and use or freeze within 3-5 days of receipt

The Shiitake mushroom (Lentinula edodes) is one of the most popular mushrooms worldwide. With its large, firm cap, meaty texture and earthy flavor, it’s a must for Asian cooking. But it's not limited to the cuisines of Asia.

Slice the thick caps and use them in soups, sautés, stuffing, risotto and pasta dishes – save the stems for vegetable stock, as they are tough and chewy. Shiitake mushrooms are versatile and quite kitchen- friendly.

Interestingly, Shiitake mushrooms have been used medicinally in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. With health-promoting properties, including immune support, and fairly bursting with vitamins, minerals and protein, these are mushrooms you want to know.

Cooking & Serving

Cooking Methods: Sauté, Pan-Roast, Roast, Stew, Braise, Poach, cook en Papiotte

Cooking Tips: After opening, store any unused mushrooms in the box they came in or a brown paper bag. To clean, gently wipe the caps with a damp paper towel. Shiitake stems must be removed before cooking - use a sharp paring knife to trim the stems where they attach to the cap. Shiitakes add umami flavor to stir-fry, noodle dishes, and braises. Sautéed, they're also a great accompaniment to steaks and chops and even burgers.

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