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Monkfish Filets image number 0

Monkfish Filets

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frozen: 6 filets (8 oz avg ea filet)
Price $69.99
Frozen products may thaw in transit
Premium monkfish has been revered by chefs around the world for its firm texture and versatility. Monkfish is great poached, sautéed, grilled, or baked and holds up well in soups. Our monkfish comes from sustainable catch out of the Gulf of Maine and is fully traceable - down to each fish, boat, method, and day. They are carefully harvested by the area's most committed marine stewards, who are dedicated to their craft and the balance of resources and the livelihood of this special community in the Gulf of Maine.
  • Firm, yet tender texture holds up well to many applications
  • Mild and approachable flavor
  • Lophius americanus
  • Great substitute for lobster
  • Fished sustainably in the Gulf of Maine
  • Product of USA
  • For best taste on frozen products, use within 1-2 days after thawing

Cooking Techniques: Grilling, Pan-Searing, Roasting, Baking, Steaming, Poaching, Broiling, Sous Vide, Stir-Frying

Best Practice Thawing Instructions


When it comes to cooking monkfish, there are a few general guidelines and best practices to keep in mind. Monkfish has a dense and meaty texture, so it can withstand various cooking methods. One method is braising, which involves first searing the fish briefly and transferring it to a pot or oven-safe dish with flavorful liquid, then cooking at medium heat for around 20-30 minutes, allowing it to become moist, tender, and easily flaked with a fork. The braising liquid can also be reduced and used as a sauce to enhance the flavor and texture. It is important not to overcook monkfish as it can become dry and tough, so aim for a slightly translucent and flaky texture in the center. When using high-heat cooking methods like grilling or pan-searing, sear the outside quickly to develop a golden crust while maintaining the moistness inside. Lastly, always ensure the monkfish is cooked to a safe internal temperature of 145 degrees F for optimal food safety.

D'Artagnan is the trusted expert in sustainable proteins for over 35 years, and our sister brand Coastal Seafood applies the same high standards for responsibly sourced fish. Together we offer center-of-the-plate protein you can trust, harvested with respect for marine ecosystems and the environment, and protection against overfishing. Most of our selection is wild and line-caught while other species are sourced from sustainable and pristine aquafarms. To maintain flavor and freshness – without additives and preservatives – our fish is quick-frozen at sea, or within hours of the catch (also known as IQF). Our selection of seafood offers quality and flavor for home cooks who care about protecting the environment and demand the best for their tables.

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