The Incredible Edible Crab! - The Health Benefits of Eating Crab

Let’s get crabby! No, we don’t mean angry and such...we’re talking about getting crab savvy about what makes eating crab so rewarding. Not just because it’s one of the world’s most delicious seafoods, but because it has some amazing health benefits you probably weren’t aware of.

We’re going to delve into some fascinating reasons why crab is such a good choice for your health as well as your taste buds!

So without further delay…let's dig in!

Crab’s amazing benefits

  1. Give a boost to your immune system. For greater immunity, your body needs protein, selenium, and omega 3 acids. When you eat crab, you get a full load of the kinds of nutrients you need to keep a strong immune system, so you’re less vulnerable to cancer-causing cells, infectious bacteria, and free radicals. Consuming an appropriate amount of crab helps you realize some of the best nourishment your body can get.
  2. It’s a healing agent. Something you might not have been aware of or even known is that crabmeat helps speed up the recovery period after you’ve been injured. It’s because of the high amount of protein, zinc, and vitamin B12 that’s abundant in the crustacean. So when you’re able to take in regular amounts of crab, the nutrients of the crab goes to work to help reduce pain and produce erythrocytes to fight off infection.
  3. A happy heart is a healthy heart (or something like that!). 1 to 2 servings of crab will help you reduce your body’s levels of bad cholesterol to help prevent strokes and heart attacks. Oxidative damage to your heart because of free radicals can also be prevented. Eating moderate servings of crab and engaging in exercise won’t harm the health of your heart.
  4. A healthy mind is a happy mind (we made that one up!). Seafood that’s good for your psychological well being? Yes...crab meat can do that too! Crab meat is enhanced with protein, zinc, and omega 3 acid, which are all good nutrients that help to improve brain functions such as concentration and cognition. Subduing the onset of psychological diseases that are connected to age — Dementia and Alzheimers to be exact, are two of the conditions that the moderate consumption of crab meat can impact.
  5. The eyes have it. Crab meat is a delicious way to give your eyesight a clear boost. Crab meat is packed with vitamin A, which helps improve weak eyesight. But did you also know that this super meat can help shield your eyes against other debilitating impairments like cataracts and macular degeneration? It’s all about vitamin A–and crab meat has got it!
  6. Great expectations! If you’re an expectant mother, you can enjoy the benefit of having 2-3 servings of crab meat added to your diet. The high portion of omega 3 acids in crab meat helps to play a part of expectant women’s health and provides the necessary nutrient of omega3 that helps with the development of the cell membrane of the brain of a fetus. Consult your physician before however to avoid any complications.
  7. They call it Selenium. For the overall benefit of your health, selenium is an essential mineral that helps shield free radicals from damaging cells and tissues. And there’s a good amount of it in crab meat–even more than in beef! It protects your body’s defense system and helps the thyroid hormone function properly and the reproduction process synthesis.
  8. Havin’ Riboflavin! A natural source such as crab meat is the preferred means for the body to obtain this nutrient. That’s because riboflavin is dissolved by water, and it won’t store in the human body. As crab meat is a natural source, riboflavin, or vitamin B2 is what your body needs for producing red blood cells, natural steroids, and to help it maintain your eyes, skin and nervous system. When you add crab to your diet, you can be assured that riboflavin is going to do its job to protect you.
  9. More than skin deep. Regular consumption of crab meat helps rejuvenate the damaged cells and tissues in your skin. The zinc and vitamin B12 in crab meat does its job without hurting sensitive skin. If you’ve always wanted radiant and clear skin, eat more crab–regularly!
  10. Weight for it! If you’re struggling through weight issues with regard to the food options you have, put crab on the list. 100 grams of crab meat has only 0.2% fat, and that’s amazingly low. You can benefit from the many nutrients found in crab meat and not harm your intake of calories. Just try it and see!
  11. Pump up the energy. Ditch the energy beverages and start putting some crab in your diet. It's a natural way to kick up your metabolism with natural protein and without consuming any processed or sugar-filled drink.

Crab meat is a wonder meat that many people may have overlooked, but now you have proof of the wonders it can do. So when you find yourself indulging in everything related to crab, don’t forget...everything in moderation!