...Let’s all cook, eat, and spend some time together!

It’s a sad fact of life in America today...American families rarely eat together. Nor do they cook and prepare meals together like they used to. Call it our changing times, busy lifestyles, demanding schedules, work-life imbalances, too many extracurricular activities, too many distractions, too many electronic devices, too much TV...the list—and the clichés could go on and on.

That’s why it’s important to make special times for the family to not only share a meal together, but also cook together. Shared family meals help build relationships and bonds between parents and children and across generations—no matter what everyone’s ages are! When children are young and growing, family mealtimes can help them perform better in school. And as adult children with aging parents (if you’re living close to your parents or children), making time to cook delicious, healthy meals and sitting down to talk about the day’s or the week’s events, memories, and future plans over a meal helps everyone feel less isolated and alone. It can easily become weekly tradition that helps keep everybody connected.

Cook together and stay together

There are many reasons why it’s great for families to cook together, besides the fact that it’s just plain fun! There are also reasons that help establish good, long-lasting habits and values. Here are just a few:

Connecting with children – there are so many ways to have fun with food and your kids, especially around the holidays. Creating something that everyone can enjoy making—and eating builds happy memories and starts new traditions!

Teaching moments – families that learn together stay together, and teaching kids how to cook not only brings everyone closer, it teaches life skills children can count on when they become adults.

Form lasting bonds – sharing the activities involved with preparing food helps to foster togetherness, helpfulness, and shared experiences that bring parents, children and siblings closer.

Gain unique insights to different concepts – exposing children to exotic ingredients, the international metric system of measurement versus the U.S., gives them new knowledge and exposure to things they might not learn at school.

Problem & solution expertise – cooking can be an experience in converting recipes, ingredient substitution, increasing serving sizes, and more. Exposing children to the ins and outs of cooking where they may have opportunities to apply solutions they’ve learned in school math or science lessons is invaluable.

Socializing and interaction – instead of grabbing food and stealing away to their rooms or plopping in front of the TV, family cooking time is a time for kids to converse with other family members and learn about getting along!

Appreciation – one word says it all. Learning that the food they’re preparing and eating doesn’t just appear like magic but comes from sources where people work hard to provide it, and that shopping, cooking and making a meal takes work is just one of the lessons of gratitude that cooking together can teach.

When families spend meaningful time with their loved ones, it helps everyone feel more loved, safe, and secure. People of all ages have a better eating experience when they’re able to help prepare and share a meal together. It can also help instill healthier eating habits and a more positive sense of worth.

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