Best Wines to Pair with Lobster & Seafood

Our lobster lovers at Lobster Gram have great suggestions for matching your steak or seafood dinner with the perfect wine:

White Wines to Serve with Lobster and Shellfish

  • Champagne: The bubbly! Choose sec or demi-sec for sweet, brut for dry. Prosecco, Cava or sparkling wine is also nice.
  • White Burgandy (Chablis or Pouilly Ruisse): These un-oaked chardonnays have great acidity and tones of citrus fruits that compliment any shellish or seafood.
  • Albarino: From the coast of Spain, where seafood is the main diet, this wine has lots of tropical fruit flavors.

Red Wines to Serve with Meats, Salmon, and Tuna

Best Wines with Lobster Best Wines with Lobster

  • Oregon Pinot Noir: A livelier version of the average pinot noir with more berry flavors, a drier finish, and less oak.
  • Shiraz: A hearty and juicy red with jammy, berry flavors.
  • Red Zinfandel: A zesty red that brings out the sweetness of seafood dishes.