Deana Sidney

Deana has been involved in the exciting world of production design in the film industry for years. In her work making movies, television shows and commercials look beautiful, she realized that she wanted to style her own table most of all, and took a hiatus from her profession.

Blogger Deana Sidney

Her life-long passion for food and culinary history inspired her to start a blog dedicated to exploring the flavors and recipes of the past. At Lost Past Remembered, Deana brings research skills, a sharp eye for detail and an extra measure of romanticism to her recreations of often elaborate recipes, while weaving her personal observations and adventures into the narrative. She is currently working on two books as a result of her blog and is thoroughly enjoying herself. She likes to use D’Artagnan ingredients to create her fabulous historical dishes, and wishes to report that she now knows what the past tasted like. It was delicious!