10 Ways to Cook with Leftover Ham

Our Berkshire pork makes exceptional ham with a natural smoky flavor that is a favorite for holiday meals. If you are lucky enough to have leftovers the next day, what can you make? Ham is easy to incorporate into many dishes and will add deliciousness to them all. Read on for some delicious ideas that we hope you will try with ham.

10 Ways to Cook with Leftover Ham

1. Ham with Pasta

Chunk or shred ham and toss with your favorite pasta and peas; a creamy sauce and grated Parmesan cheese make this dish a keeper. While you’re in a pasta mindset, try mac and cheese with the addition of diced ham - or go Italian with cacio e pepe adorned with slivers of ham.

2. Ham Sandwich

The ham sandwich is a classic, whether it’s grilled cheese with ham, or a pressed sandwich with a layer of ham inside. You might also try a Croque Madame; lay a slice of ham on toast, then top with cheese and a runny fried egg. Melt under the broiler for a brief moment, until bubbling. For a bite-sized appetizer, try our ham-stuffed gougeres recipe at your next party. Can you make a Monte Cristo sandwich without ham?

3. Ham and Eggs

Ham and eggs get along famously. Dice ham for a frittata or an omelet; sear slices in a pan to serve alongside eggs done your favorite way, or add to a quiche. Ham is the foundation of eggs Benedict (try our truffle butter sauce). Start with a muffin tin and fill each section with layers of ham, cheese, and chopped scallions, then pour beaten eggs over it all and bake for the easiest brunch treat.

4. Ham and Potatoes

In short, potatoes and ham are great together. Add slivers of ham to creamy scalloped potatoes or toss them together for a casserole. Cold potato salad benefits from the addition of ham, and so does warm potato salad with mustard. Try the Russian version - called Olivier salad - with ham, potatoes, eggs, pickles, onion, peas, and mayonnaise. Or make loaded baked potatoes with chopped ham on top, or shred it and add to grated potatoes in a hot pan for the ultimate breakfast hash.

5. Ham in Soup

Even if you don't use the ham bone in your stock, many soups will welcome the addition of leftover ham. Split pea and lentil soups are even better with ham, and creamy soups like corn and potato chowder benefit from a topping of diced ham. Soup with white beans - like our haricots Tarbais - is wonderful when shredded ham is the topper.

6. Ham and Rice

Forget the takeout – make ham-fried rice at home. It might be the perfect way to use up leftover ham and can serve as a quick weeknight supper. Combined with a few vegetables, rice and ham can also be baked in a casserole.

7. Ham Salad

Diced ham can be dressed up with hot sauce, cayenne pepper, chopped onions, and mayonnaise or cream cheese to bind it. Add to egg salad with chopped celery or pickles for a great sandwich filler. Use your choice of herbs - dill or parsley are good choices. Of course, ham can be used in a Cobb salad, a classic chef salad, or served on a green salad.

8. Ham on Pizza

Layer thinly sliced or diced ham on a homemade pizza with your favorite toppings (even pineapple). Try ham on flatbread or store-bought pastry dough with caramelized onions for an Alsatian-style tarte flambée.

9. Ham and Grits

This classic combo is part of the Southern comfort food canon - often made creamy with cheese and served with red-eye gravy. Our version of it is a truffled grits with ham recipe - inspired by escaoutoun, a traditional Gascon dish made with cornmeal and cream.

10. Ham Wrap

Make a low-carb roll-up: use sliced ham as if it were a tortilla, to wrap around shredded cheese, tomato, and peppers then bake until cheese melts. Layer into a spinach wrap, or wrap the ham around asparagus spears before baking for adorable bundles of flavor.