What's a Lobster Gram?

Lobster Gram: What is it?

A Lobster Gram is a unique and tasty fresh seafood gift or incentive that can be delivered anywhere in the country.  The Lobster Gram mission, and the reason we are in business, is, “To completely thrill our customers and recipients in every way with our assortment of Great Gourmet Gifts.”

If you are looking to deliver a great feast of live Maine lobsters, lobster tails, surf and turf dinners, steaks, appetizers, crab, shrimp, or desserts, then you’ve found the right place.  With thousands of great gifting combinations, we allow you to choose or customize your gift, and have it delivered right to your recipient’s door. We are the original lobster delivery service and the recognized leader in the fresh mail-order seafood industry. Keep reading to see exactly why we’re the perfect choice when it comes to delivering delicious seafood dinners, “Fresh from our Shore to Your Door™!”

The History of Lobster Gram

Lobster Gram started when I, Dan “The Lobster Man,” was working for Honeywell as a salesman in 1986. I needed to come up with an original idea for holiday gifts for my best clients, and I decided on live lobsters, because they are fun to prepare and it’s always a celebration when you cook lobsters. Plus, I’ve always loved lobster!

My manager at Honeywell said I could barter some thermostats and valves for 160 live lobsters. After they were flown in fresh from Maine, I put them in the trunk of my car and drove around town delivering live lobsters to my best clients. The reaction I got from my clients was so incredible that I realized I might be on to something. Soon, I started Lobster Gram as a new side business.

I then got the opportunity to go on a radio station in Chicago and promote Lobster Gram. Unfortunately, (or fortunately) my boss heard the show and promptly fired me! I was totally depressed, as I had never been fired from a job before.  Since I had nothing better to do I decided to dedicate myself to building Lobster Gram.

At first, I was a one-man show and handled everything from taking the orders to packing and shipping them from my, “warehouse,” which was really my garage. Eventually, Lobster Gram grew, and I was able to hire extra help.  In 2006, Lobster Gram opened an 18,000-square-foot distribution center in Biddeford, Maine, to handle the volume of shipped packages.

In 2011, we opened a warehouse in Chicago with a retail store to serve the local market. The store has built up quite a loyal following and many families enjoy having an affordable source of fresh lobsters flown in from Maine.

I still love to talk to my customers and you can still find me at Lobster Gram answering the phones or packing a package or two.  And yes, I still love lobster!

What do I get with my Lobster Gram?

When your order a Lobster Gram, you’ll have access to all the utensils, sides, and accessories you need to enjoy your meal.  If you need a lobster steamer pot, we can send it with your package.  Not sure if they have shell crackers or bibs?  We’ve got them.  Like to add some turf to your surf? We have the best fresh-frozen filet mignon and steak chops available.  Want a full meal with the appetizers and desserts? No problem. We can also include lemon and clarified butter to make it extra special and tasty!

Here is what every Lobster Gram product provides:

  1. Lobster Gram is a fun, cool, and out of the ordinary gift for you or for someone special.
  2. Lobster Gram is a gourmet gift that will not be forgotten by you or your recipients!  Everyone loves to eat the “best,” and this is what we have provided since 1987.
  3. We have a 100% Happiness Guarantee!   We take all the risk out of trying us because we stand behind everything we do.  We guarantee your order will contain top-quality food and will be delivered in perfect condition on the day you want it delivered.
  4. Lobster Gram provides the guidance needed to ensure you or your recipients can cook and prepare your gourmet food like a 5-star chef!  Our lobster dinner cooking guides and videos make sure your food will be perfectly prepared every time.

Lobster Gram has been featured in a wide range of major publications and TV shows, including USA Today, Oprah, Rachael Ray, The Wall Street Journal, Time, Men’s Health, Readers Digest, Fortune, Forbes, ABC, NBC, CNN, and hundreds of other leading media outlets. We are the recognized leader in delivering great lobster and seafood, and we’re proud to say that these major outlets feel the same way!

Give us a try and find out why we have been making gourmet memories since 1987!  Visit us at www.LobsterGram.com or call us at 800-366-3864.

Lobsterliciously yours,

Dan The Lobster Man

Founder and Chief Lobster Consultant