Lobster Tails From Around The World

Did you think Maine Lobster tails and Canadian Lobster tails were all there were?  Well, we have great news - there are tails of all kinds, from all across the globe.  In fact, lobsters in cold and warm water have different colors, different tastes, and different textures.

As customer Cindy wrote us: "We had a retirement party for our Mom and did a family sampling of all the tails which was a lot of fun hearing the different reactions to each tail we tasted. Definitely made for a great time on such a special day!" In fact, Lobster Gram offers two products: the Continental Collection and the Around the World Tail Sampler so you can try the biggest tail varieties!

Check out this great guide on Lobster Gram's Lobster Tails from around the world:

South African Lobster Tails

South African lobster tails are renowned worldwide for their incredible sweetness and tender texture. Once you try these incredible tails you'll be hooked! These tails are from the icy cold waters off the coast of South Africa that produce a superior flavor that keeps customers coming back!


Brazilian Lobster Tails

Brazilian lobster tails are from the warm waters off the coast of Brazil. These waters provide the perfect setting for some of the best tasting warm water lobster tails in the world. Our Brazilian tails are so tender and flavorful, they'll be perfect every time.


New Zealand Lobster Tails

New Zealand lobster tails are from the cold, deep waters of the South Pacific. The deep scarlet-colored shell has an almost mystical quality and the exotic, sweet & velvety smooth meat is what makes our New Zealand tails so wonderfully distinct.


North Australian Lobster Tails

North Australian lobster tails are known for their beautifully colored green shell. These lobster tails are from the Northern coast of Australia and have a smooth and mild flavor. They make a great conversation piece!


Tristan Lobster Tails

Tristan lobster tails have an extraordinarily sweet succulent taste and a texture unlike any other. Tristan lobsters are from the deep, cold waters of Tristan Da Cunha in the South Atlantic, the most remote inhabited island in the world. Treat yourself to some 5-6 oz. Tristan tails or send them as a gift.


In some states, such as New Hampshire and Massachusetts, there are laws about shipping Maine Lobster Tails into the state.  However, when we send customers a replacement tails - especially the South African Lobster Tails or Tristan Lobster Tails - we have never had a disappointed.

Try out some of our great lobster tail samplers to treat your mouth to all the flavors lobster tails have to offer you!