Fun Lobster Facts to Share around the Dinner Table

Eating Lobster tonight? We sure hope so! Need something to talk about at dinner? How about some amazingly-fun Lobster facts?

▪ Even Lobsters love the taste of fresh Maine Lobster. That’s right; lobsters can actually be carnivorous and eat their own kind, probably because they taste so delicious!

lobster dinner

▪ Lobsters are a great source of protein, and if you keep it easy with the butter, they are actually quite good for you. (Who are we kidding, slather that butter on!)

▪ Lobsters don’t have tongues, so they taste with their feet! Their stomach is also in their head, so if you think food is all you think about, you might actually be a lobster!

The oldest Lobsters can live to be over 100 years old – a recent catch in Newfoundland was estimated to be 140 years old!
▪ Lobsters actually drown in fresh water, so if you wanted to keep one as a pet, don’t keep it in the bathtub!

▪ Tell your date to eat up, because Lobster is thought to be an aphrodisiac.

▪ Mainers are so serious about their Lobsters that it is a felony to steal from someone’s lobsterpot. And if you want to become a licensed lobsterman, you’ll need to complete a 2 year apprenticeship.

▪ Lobsters are biologically immortal, but don’t actually live forever.

Have any more fun Lobster facts? Share your favorite facts in the comments and with your friends and family around the dinner table. Need that lobster for the dinner table? Order your fresh live Maine Lobster today!