Cooking Video Day at Dan's house

video day montage

Sept. 6, 2013 - Dan "The Lobster Man" and a video crew dropped anchor at Dan's house for a long, rigorous day of recording new cooking videos for the Lobster Gram Youtube channel. A total of eight new videos were taped over the span of nine hours, using 12 live Maine lobsters, 28 frozen Maine lobster tails, 4 lbs. Alaskan King Crab legs, a dozen authentic New England Lobster Roll buns and 4 lbs. of Sea Scallops. Sadly, time ran out and the Sea Scallops ended up being used for Dan's family dinner that night. He makes such sacrifices for the team.

Quote from Adam Cook, the video team leader: "Working with Dan the Lobsterman to create this series of videos for the Lobster fans out there was a lot of fun! He has such passion for creating memorable experiences for his customers and it really came across during our video shoot. I don't believe there was a single take where our crew didn't look at each other in awe of Dan's contagious energy. Of course, getting to devour the delicious lobster "actors" was the greatest perk at the end of the long day!"

"We take great pride on our Lobster Video Team to bring you entertaining, informative, and fun videos so you can learn the best preparation/baking techniques directly from the Lobster Master Himself. We hope you enjoy watching these videos as much as we enjoy making them. Cheers!"

Much fun and food was had by all involved, and we are anxious to see the finished product. The first batch are due to be released soon, stay tuned!