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    Uncured Applewood Smoked Bacon
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    Uncured Smoked Duck Bacon
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    Ventrèche - French Pancetta

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    Ventrèche - French Pancetta

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    Uncured Hickory Smoked Bacon

Bacon 101

Let’s face it. Bacon is irresistible. Check out our bacon basics, where we’re serving up the facts on the smoky sweet pork belly we all know and love.

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Bacon Jam

by D'Artagnan

This easy bacon jam recipe makes a sweet & salty condiment that's excellent on burgers, with grilled and roasted meats, charcuterie boards, or just slathered on toasted bread.

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Bacon Bomb Sliders

by D'Artagnan

Our bacon bomb recipe is a mini version of the "internet famous" giant mound of meat filled with bacon, wrapped in bacon, and glazed with BBQ sauce. This rendition is a little more approachable and a lot more fun, with melted cheddar in the center and soft slider buns.

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