Natural Turkey Breast, Bone-In


Natural Turkey Breast, Bone-In


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Starting at $44.99
A simple solution for smaller gatherings or those "white meat only" tastes, our all-natural bone-in turkey breast is a convenient way to serve up tender, juicy turkey that's sure to please. The White Broad-breasted breed turkeys are raised on a small Pennsylvania farm without the use of antibiotics or hormones and fed a clean vegetarian diet of corn and soy.

*Servings based on 1 pound per person.

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If you are a fan of white meat, you will absolutely love this bone-in turkey breast.

The turkeys are raised on small-scale, humane farms, using the same care and methods that organic turkeys enjoy. The only difference is their diet is not 100% organic grain. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, as even the most dedicated of us sometimes eat foods that are not certified organic.

Natural turkey breast is tender and succulent, and is the perfect size for a small gathering, or makes an excellent supplement to a whole turkey. At large family feasts it will be a relief to know that there is enough white meat to go around.

Just the facts

  • White Broad-breasted hybrid breed
  • 100% natural
  • All-vegetarian gluten-free grain diet of corn, soy beans
  • No antibiotics, no growth hormones from birth
  • Includes the ribs and a portion of the wing meat, as well as the back and neck skin
  • Ships in an uncooked state
  • Product of USA
  • For Thanksgiving orders delivered on Nov. 16, 17, or 20, fresh birds will have a use or freeze by date of Nov. 26, 2018

Our mission is to find farmers that share our vision of a more humane and sustainable way of rearing livestock. We respect our place in the food chain, and see farmers as true stewards of the land and environment. This is why we build real relationships with our farmers, and work only with those who respect nature and focus on the best animal welfare practices.

That's why our natural turkeys are raised on a small Pennsylvania farm. They are never administered antibiotics or hormones, and are grown out slowly. The feed is vegetarian and gluten-free; it consists of locally-grown corn and roasted soybeans which are ground on the farm and are formulated with vitamins and minerals. The result is a delightfully tender, moist turkey with superb taste.

For basic cooking instructions, Download our Turkey Cooking Guide.

Our natural bone-in turkey breast is available in two-pound size increments, starting at 4-7 pounds and ranging to 10-12 pounds. It's the perfect size for a small gathering and makes an excellent supplement to a whole turkey for larger feasts to make sure there is enough white meat to go around.

Fresh all-natural, bone-in turkey breast is available seasonally for pre-order during the holidays in November and December. Frozen turkey breast may be available during other times of the year.

Ordering your Thanksgiving turkey: We highly recommend you plan ahead and pre-order your holiday bird as early as possible, as we often sell out.

Cooking your D'Artagnan turkey: Keep in mind that depending on several factors, including: size of bird, oven calibration, type of cookware used, recipe variations, and method of cooking, time and temperature will vary. We recommend use of a meat thermometer, instant-read or digital, when gauging doneness.

How to order the right size: If you plan to have no leftovers, we recommend that you estimate 1-1.25 pounds per person to determine the size of turkey you will need. (For example, an 8-10 pound turkey will yield 6-8 servings). Or, if leftovers are why you cook a turkey in the first place, then plan on at least 1.5 pounds per person.

Our Turkey

The exceptional flavor of our turkeys is the result of meticulous farming and breeding practices that are better for the birds, better for the environment and so much better for your family. Our natural turkeys are raised on a small Pennsylvania farm without the use of antibiotics or hormones. That means you can confidently serve this healthy and tasty turkey at your table.

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