Morel Mushrooms


Morel Mushrooms


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Fresh Morel mushrooms, wild foraged seasonally in North America and across Europe. We offer blonde morels and imported morels, as they are available through the season.

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Dried Morel Mushrooms


Just the facts

  • Wild-foraged mushroom
  • Seasonally available
  • Allergen: Contains mushrooms
  • Product of the USA or Europe
  • For best taste, store in the refrigerator and use or freeze within 3-5 days of receipt
With their distinctive shape and honeycombed caps, morels (Morchella esculenta) are one of the most recognizable of the wild edibles, and the most flavorful. Morel mushrooms are a source of passion and culinary wonder, inspiring recipes and annual spring festivals across the United States. Part of what makes morels so beloved is the fact that they can be rare and hard-to-find. Known as a chef’s mushroom, their opulent, earthy flavor lends itself to wonderful, rich sauces.

Morel season begins in spring, and they are found in diminishing quantities throughout the summer. As the season progresses, the characteristics of the morel develop and change in interesting and compelling ways.

The first, and most coveted morels of the season, are the blondes. Hailing from the Northwest United States, these morels are fleshy and light in color. They are white-grey, and as the season develops they get larger and more brittle. Blonde morels hold texture well during cooking.

The imported morels are less fleshy, with thinner walls. But they offer a robust flavor that is more intensely mushroomy.

Try them more than once in a season to get the full array of flavors and textures this mushroom offers.

Cooking & Serving

Cooking Methods: Sauté, Braise, Stew, Stuff, Roast, cook en Papiotte

Morels are highly perishable, so keep refrigerated at all times. Cleaning morels takes a little patience because of their honeycomb texture. As these are a wild, foraged mushroom, there may be uninvited visitors nestled inside. Trim the end of the stem off and brush lightly if you notice any grit. If extremely gritty, a quick rinse in cold water followed by immediate drying on a tea towel will be necessary. Larger morels should be cut in half lengthwise to clean out the center of the stem. Leave smaller morels whole. Try to have uniform size in the pan, so that the mushrooms cook evenly. Do not eat morels raw. Morels are complemented best by butter and cream, so sauté briefly in butter then add a splash of white wine and finish with a quick simmer in heavy cream. Morels are wonderful with chicken, veal or pork.

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