Veal Porterhouse Chops


Veal Porterhouse Chops


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Imported, French, milk-fed veal - exclusively available in the U.S. at D'Artagnan. Arguably the most humanely raised and best-tasting veal available in the market, our veal comes from a cooperative of small-scale veal farms in Southwest France that raise Charolais and Limousin breeds of cattle (known for meat, not dairy) and follow the stringent European Union 5 Freedoms system to provide the best environment for the calves, which are never caged or penned and are antibiotic- and hormone-free.

Frozen products may thaw in transit


  • Exclusively available at D’Artagnan
  • Humanely raised in a stress-free environment
  • Never caged or penned
  • 5 Freedoms compliant, a strict EU standard
  • Male Charolais and Limousin breeds
  • Raised to 6 months, a maximum of 450 pounds
  • Milk-fed; 14 days on mother’s milk, then a high-quality natural milk formula
  • No antibiotics or hormones
  • Never irradiated or injected with any substance
  • Sold in an uncooked state
  • Product of France
  • For best taste on fresh products, use or freeze within 3-5 days of receipt; for frozen products, use within 1-2 days after thawing

Cooking & Serving

Keep veal a little rare – use a meat thermometer and the same temperature to gauge a steak – medium would be 130- 135 degrees F. When you cook meat on the bone, heat is retained in the bone, which continues the cooking process even while the meat rests. So remove your veal from the heat about 5 degrees before the target temperature. This will avoid overcooking, and compromising the tender texture.

Veal pairs well with mushrooms and fortified wines like Madeira, Marsala and Sherry. Try cream sauce with truffle (or truffle butter) for another good match.

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