Squab, Whole, Semi-Boneless


Squab, Whole, Semi-Boneless


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Switch up your game with squab. These little fowl offer an alternative to traditional poultry, and are the perfect introduction to game meat.


Just the facts

  • All-natural, farm-raised, domestic squab
  • No antibiotics, no hormones
  • High-protein grain diet includes soy, sorghum, corn
  • Single serving, sold individually
  • Sold in an uncooked state
  • Product of USA
  • For best taste on fresh products, use or freeze within 3-5 days of receipt; for frozen products, use within 1-2 days after thawing

Around the world, across cultures and history, squab has appeared on the best tables, from castles to farmhouses. Why not on yours?

With red, tender meat and a plump breast, this is a bird that has been eaten forever, as far as we can tell. The meat of a young squab is tenderer, and thus more versatile for cooking, than that of an adult pigeon, considered suitable only for braising or baking in a pie.

We like these semi-boneless birds, with wings & drumsticks left intact, because they are so easy to stuff and serve as individual portions.

Richly flavored, silky in texture, and lean; squab is known for its singular ability to retain moisture during cooking. While we think it’s eminently adaptable to many recipes, one thing remains true: squab is best enjoyed when cooked rare to medium rare.

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