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Porcelet is milk-fed piglet - exclusively available in the U.S. at D'Artagnan- from a small family farm in Quebec that follows European protocols, feeding Yorkshire-breed piglets a proprietary milk formula that allows them to thrive and grow larger than the average suckling pig. They provide the best environment for the piglets, use humane standards and no added antibiotics, hormones, or growth stimulants. Porcelet is the most tender, sweetest pork you’ll ever taste.

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Additional Information

The pork collar is a little-known cut in the United States. Far more common in Europe, especially Italy, where it is known as “coppa,” this boneless cut comes from pork shoulder. Pork collar is a butcher’s secret, but it’s one that is getting out. The collar is even being called “the new pork belly” by food cognoscenti.

Running from the neck to the tip of the loin, the collar has a barrel shape, and is suitable for roasting, braising or curing. Because it comes from a muscle that does a lot of work, the collar is a particularly tasty cut.

But ours isn’t just pork – it’s porcelet. And that means this cut is far tenderer than any pork you have tasted. That’s because porcelet is milk-fed piglet, raised like the traditional European cochon du lait in Europe by our dedicated farmers in Canada.

Cook it low and slow in a braise, or pan sear and finish in the oven for a tasty roast with a crispy exterior, slice it and grill, or try your hand at the art of charcuterie by curing it like the Italians do.

Just the facts

  • D’Artagnan exclusive 100% milk-fed Yorkshire piglets
  • Grown to 10 weeks and up to 70 lbs
  • Fed a proprietary, nutritionally-balanced warm milk formula, fortified with vitamins and minerals and carefully balanced fat content
  • No added antibiotics, hormones, or growth stimulants
  • Thin skin which crisps beautifully, extra-white and creamy fat, extreme tenderness
  • Product of Canada
  • For best taste on fresh products, use or freeze within 3-5 days of receipt; for frozen products, use within 1-2 days after thawing

The milk-fed pig, called cochon de lait in French, is a long-standing tradition on dairy farms. Excess milk, unwanted skim milk and whey are common on such farms, and pigs are more than willing to eat it all.

Exclusively raised for D’Artagnan by a family-owned farm in Quebec which follows European protocols to ensure remarkable results. The Yorkshire breed piglets live in spacious barns and are nourished in a unique feeding program: they are fed a proprietary milk solution while maintaining a natural nursing rhythm. This diet allows them to thrive and grow for longer periods of time, growing larger than the average suckling pig, while maintaining tender texture. This is why porcelet de lait offers exquisite pork unrivaled by any other.

Our porcelet

Porcelet is to pork as veal is to beef. Our milk-fed piglets are raised humanely on a family farm, and fed with a proprietary formula that produces the most tender and moist pork imaginable. There is nothing else like it on today’s market.

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