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Heritage Turkey (Narragansett, Bourbon Red) image number 0
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Heritage Turkey (Narragansett, Bourbon Red)

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frozen: 8 lb minimum (Serves 5-8*)
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frozen: 16 lb minimum (Serves 11-13*)
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Price $290.99
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A heritage turkey is the perfect choice for a truly traditional holiday. Our heritage turkeys are raised free-range on small farms, where they are allowed to grow slowly, developing more flavor than the average bird. These original Narragansett and Bourbon Red breeds - not hybrids – don’t get as large as conventional birds, but make up for it with heavy breasts, dark, rich meat, and authentic turkey flavor. Air-chilled and hand-processed, these heritage turkeys offer extra crispy skin when roasted for a truly show-stopping centerpiece to your meal. If you believe, as we do, that a happy turkey is a tasty turkey, then a heritage bird is the one for your table.

*Servings based on 1.5 pounds per person.

  • 100% natural, farm-raised heritage turkey
  • Slow-growing Narragansett and Bourbon Red breeds
  • Grain feed of non-GMO corn and soy
  • No antibiotics or hormones
  • Free-range; turkeys forage outdoors and have the ability to fly
  • Air chilled for best flavor and no retained water
  • Hand processed
  • Giblets included
  • Ships in an uncooked state
  • Product of USA
  • Note: There may be small pinfeathers in the flesh, which are easily removed with needlenose pliers, tweezers, or your fingers

Cooking Methods: Roast, Pan-Roast, Poach, Sous Vide, Barbecue, Smoke

For basic cooking instructions, Download our Turkey Cooking Guide.

Ordering Your Thanksgiving Turkey

We highly recommend you plan ahead and pre-order your holiday bird as early as possible, as we often sell out. Check our Holiday Delivery Calendar for the best dates to order.

Cooking Your Holiday Turkey

Keep in mind that depending on several factors, including the size of bird, oven calibration, type of cookware used, recipe variations, and method of cooking, time and temperature will vary. We recommend use of a meat thermometer, instant-read or digital, when gauging doneness. Click here for Turkey Roasting Basics.

NOTE: Our turkeys do not have pop-up timers in them. You can purchase one at a grocery store, but we prefer to use a meat thermometer. They are more precise, and you are less likely to overcook the bird when using a thermometer.

How to Order the Right Size Turkey

We recommend that you estimate 1-1.25 pounds per person to determine the size of turkey you will need. (For example, an 8-10 pound turkey will yield 6-8 servings). If you would like to have leftovers, then plan on at least 1.5 pounds per person.

Receiving & Storing Your Holiday Order

Upon delivery, unpack and inspect your holiday order. Fresh, perishable products should be kept under refrigeration until it's time to cook. We recommend keeping the turkey in the coldest part of the fridge, or in a cooler well-packed with ice.


Heritage Turkey

D'Artagnan heritage turkeys are from Narragansett and Bourbon Red stock, which are two original, slow-growing breeds that have been largely replaced by Broad-breasted White turkeys in modern agriculture. Heritage turkey breeds were developed for specific traits over generations and selected as the “Standard of Perfection” by the American Poultry Association. Our turkey breeds are recognized by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy as genuine heritage breeds.

In order to qualify as heritage breeds, the birds must naturally mate and have a long, productive lifespan and a slow growth rate. Our heritage turkeys get a lot of exercise and can even fly. which contributes to their rich flavor. These old breeds cannot be pushed to grow quickly the way factory-farmed turkeys are. Our heritage turkeys are grain-fed with non-GMO corn and soy. No antibiotics or hormones are ever used, and each bird is processed by hand to ensure quality.