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Uncured Applewood Smoked Bacon image number 0

Uncured Applewood Smoked Bacon

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Price $9.99
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Our applewood smoked bacon is made from heritage-breed pork, raised humanely on small family farms, with no antibiotics or added growth hormones. Because our bacon is made the old-fashioned way – rubbed with salt and sugar and smoked over applewood chips, with no artificial nitrates, nitrites, or preservatives (we use only celery powder) - it’s called “uncured.” But this full-flavored bacon may well be the cure for all your bacon cravings.

  • Heritage-breed hogs raised humanely on small farms
  • No antibiotics, no growth hormones
  • No animal by-products
  • Air-chilled pork (retains less water weight)
  • No artificial preservatives, nitrates, or nitrites added
  • Rubbed with salt and sugar
  • Naturally smoked over applewood chips
  • Gluten-free
  • Product of USA
  • For best taste, use within 3-5 days of receipt and/or by the expiration date on the package
  • Subscription Eligible

Cooking Methods: Pan-Fry, Griddle, Bake, Grill

Cooking Tips: Whether you cook our applewood smoked bacon on a sheet tray in the oven, on a griddle, or pan-fried in cast-iron, it’s the perfect addition to breakfast or brunch. We also like to wrap it around filet mignon before cooking, make lardons for salad or pasta, and bard lean game birds before roasting. Slice the bacon width-wise and sauté as a base for braises, stews, and vegetable sides. The rendered bacon fat is excellent for cooking potatoes or rubbing over chicken or poussin before roasting. We love this bacon so much we even use it in our baked goods - you can’t go wrong with bacon cheddar scones or maple-bacon sticky buns.

Nutritional Information

Natural flavoring is celery powder

Charcuterie refers to smoked, cured, or cooked meats, all of which are traditional methods of preservation. In France, the techniques have been elevated to a culinary art form over the centuries.

We follow Old Word recipes and use natural techniques and only the highest quality ingredients to create our diverse line of charcuterie.

Our handmade charcuterie represents the full range of styles and flavors, including bacon, cured ham, cooked, dry-cured, and raw sausages, pâtés and mousses, duck confit, rillettes, and prosciutto, smoked and cured duck, chicken and turkey breasts.