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Recipe -  Magret à la D'Artagnan - Duck - Dartagnan.com

Magret à la D'Artagnan

by Ariane Daguin

Ariane’s father, Chef André Daguin, was the first to treat duck breast like a steak, serving it rare in the 1950's at his restaurant in Southwest Fran...

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Recipe - Frankies' Meatballs –  Beef – Dartagnan.com

Frankies' Meatballs

by The Franks

The Franks (as they are lovingly known) cook hearty meatballs studded with pine nuts and golden raisins. This epitomizes this pair's culinary style--s...

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Recipe - Big Bleu Burgers –  Beef – Dartagnan.com

Big Bleu Burgers

by D'Artagnan

Our big bleu burgers burst with flavor from meaty ground buffalo, smokey bacon, bleu cheese and our favorite "secret" seasoning: porcini powder! These...

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Recipe - Foie Gras Burger - Dartagnan.com

Foie Gras Burger

by Ariane Daguin

Ariane Daguin introduced the foie gras burger at her former New York City restaurant, D’Artagnan the Rotisserie, and it is the real deal: silky sautée...

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