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Paupiettes of Veal

Paupiettes de Veau

by Ariane Daguin

These little parcels of tender veal are stuffed with a mixture of ventrèche, mushrooms, breadcrumbs and herbs, before being wrapped in bacon and slow ...

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Coq au Vin Recipe

Coq au Vin D'Artagnan

by Ariane Daguin

Traditionally, roosters are used to make coq au vin, the classic French stew. Since roosters are hard to find, we suggest using chicken in this everyd...

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Bacon Pecan Brittle Recipe

Pig Brittle

by D'Artagnan

This bacon-studded, sweet and salty confection is a favorite among D'Artagnan staff, especially around the holidays. It's a great option for edible gi...

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Recipe - Foie Gras au Torchon - Foie Gras – Dartagnan.com

Foie Gras au Torchon

by Canal House

Christopher Hirscheimer and Melissa Hamilton just released the fifth volume of their beautiful Canal House Cooking series. The most recent cookbook is...

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Recipe Magret a la D'Artagnan

Magret à la D'Artagnan

by Ariane Daguin

Ariane’s father, Chef André Daguin, was the first to treat duck breast like a steak, serving it rare in the 1950's at his restaurant in Southwest Fran...

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