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Truffle Butter: Full of Flavor

T ruffle butter is an incredibly delicious, versatile (and addicting!) compound butter that can be used on it’s own as a spread or added to other ingredients in a recipe.

What is Truffle Butter? How we make our truffle butter, truffle butter recipes, cooking with truffle butter. D'Artagnan

Our truffle butters are made in small batches to exacting specifications from proprietary recipes, for a consistent product with unmatched quality and taste. D’Artagnan truffle butters should be staples in every home cook’s pantry!

Black, White and Spread all Over…
D’Artagnan’s Black Truffle Butter is made with all-natural sweet cream butter, real black truffle pieces and real black truffle juice with a touch of black truffle oil and soy sauce for seasoning and depth of flavor. We take special care to get the right ratio of truffle pieces in each batch so the sweet creaminess of the butter is perfectly balanced with robust, earthy truffle flavor and heady aroma.

Our White Truffle Butter combines fresh creamery butter with aromatic porcini mushrooms and D’Artagnan White Truffle Oil. The alluring scent of white truffle butter is deep and complex with notes of garlic, parmesan, pungent white truffle and a bold umami-rich flavor that lingers beautifully. Exceptionally lush and satisfying, a pat of our white truffle butter makes even the most meager dish indulgent and special.

D’Artagnan black and white truffle butters are heavenly on their own, simply spread on fresh bread, but can also be incorporated into just about any savory dish or recipe that calls for butter. They will truly change the way you cook and eat.

Here are a few ideas to get you started…

  • For better burgers, bury a slice of chilled truffle butter into the center of your patties just before searing or grilling – the butter will melt, keeping the center juicy and tender while allowing the outside to develop a flavorful crust. Topping a perfectly seared steak with a pat of truffle butter intensifies its savory, meaty flavor. Try massaging softened black truffle butter under the skin of chicken or turkey before seasoning and roasting for moist flesh with deep flavor and crisp skin that’s dotted with truffle bits.
  • Instantly upgrade any potato dish by adding a knob of truffle butter – from simple, hearty mashed potatoes to crispy yet tender Pommes Anna, fluffy salt-baked Russets to oven-roasted baby reds. Try tossing a scoop of truffle butter with hot pasta or stir into risotto. Steamed tender-crisp vegetables with a bit of melted truffle butter make for a simple but decadent side.
  • Finish a simple pan sauce with a generous spoon of truffle butter for extra silky mouth-feel and rich, truffle flavor. Truffle butter and eggs make a harmonious pairing. Pungent truffle flavor compliments the rich, creaminess of soft cooked egg beautifully. A dab of truffle butter echoes the complex, meaty taste of sautéed mushrooms intensifying their woodsy, nutty flavor.
  • For a midday (or midnight) snack, follow the French and spread truffle butter on bread then add some fresh salad greens and a pile of paper-thin jambon de Bayonne for a quick and satisfying tartine. A crisp ficelle sliced lengthwise, filled with soft truffle butter and salty artisanal dry-cured saucisson sec makes a wonderful sandwich. Grilled cheese made with gruyere and truffle butter? Bien sur