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Fresh Lobster Mushrooms


Fresh Lobster Mushrooms



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    This hard-to-find and seasonal mushroom is beloved by professional chefs for its dramatic red outer shell and creamy white meat.

    Seasonally Available July - November

    Additional Information

    Extremely delicate in flavor and meaty in texture, the lobster mushroom (Hypomyces lactifluorum) is actually not a mushroom at all, but a parasitic fungi that covers other mushrooms. It generally attacks Lactarius and Russula mushrooms, and covers them with a red outer "shell", causing them to take on the appearance of a lobster--red outside, with pale meat inside.

    Available only in mid-summer, the lobster mushroom has a slightly salty-sweet taste that goes well with stir-fries, soups, stews, terrines, and egg dishes, such as frittatas and omelettes. Many gourmets swear that simply sautéing in butter with a bit of salt is the perfect way to enjoy lobster mushrooms. Traditional accompaniments include thinly sliced onions and corn.

    Just the facts

    • Wild, foraged lobster mushrooms
    • Availability limited by season
    • 3 lb box
    • Allergen: Contains mushrooms
    • Gluten-free
    • Product of USA
    • Keep refrigerated
    • Use within 2-3 days of receipt for best flavor

    Our scrupulous buyers source mushrooms from around the world, following their seasons as they grow in forests, fields and mountains in different countries and continents.

    Though we have more access to wild mushrooms  than ever before, largely because of advanced communications and air travel, there is no better way to collect wild mushrooms than by hand. It is time-consuming and demands great expertise and dedication. This is a process as old as time. There is something miraculous about eating a mushroom that has been discovered in the woods and picked by hand.

    In our quest to supply the best mushrooms to the most demanding and discerning chefs, we work with expert foragers around the world who collect mushrooms that are immediately sorted and packed and then flown to our warehouse each day.

    And for exotic varieties that can be cultivated, we work with an organic mushroom farm in California. They produce clean, fresh and flavorful mushrooms that are grown in optimum conditions on a natural substrate of corn husks and oak chips to provide pristine fungi.

    Our Fresh Mushrooms

    Whether wild or cultivated, D’Artagnan offers a variety of fine fungi to augment any carnivore’s diet. We follow the seasons around the world, and work with an organic farm that grows beautiful cultivated mushrooms, to provide the same high quality and great taste that you expect from us in all we do.

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