(2) 4-5 oz Maine Lobster Tails Add-On image number 0
(2) 4-5 oz Maine Lobster Tails Add-On image number 0

(2) 4-5 oz Maine Lobster Tails Add-On

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Our 4-5 oz. Maine lobster tails may be petite in size, but big on flavor! Maine tails are from the cold waters of the North Atlantic and have a sweet flavor and a firm texture. Use these Maine lobster tails in your favorite recipes or as a tasty part of any meal!
Add-On Includes:
  • Two 4-5 oz. fresh-frozen Maine Lobster Tail Add-On.
  • Unsalted Butter.

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Lobster Tail Preparation: Boiling
Our lobster tails are a true delicacy, with flavor that lends itself to a variety of versatile preparation methods. In our opinion, boiling may be the most effective way to get consistently perfect results — just follow these simple instructions for unbeatable quality!

  • Fill a pot with just enough water to cover your lobsters, place lobster tails aside for the moment.
  • Add other seasonings to the water if you like, these are not necessary for cooking, though.
  • Bring the water to a boil and carefully drop in your tails.
  • Once the water returns to a soft boil, reduce the heat.
  • Set your cooking timer to the appropriate time (see below), and simmer uncovered for the specified time.
  • Remove all tails from the water.
  • Pick a tail to test for doneness. Using a knife, cut through the shell into the thickest part of the tail meat.
    The meat of a fully-cooked lobster tail is white with no sign of a translucent, grayish color. If you detect any
    translucency, or the roe (eggs) still appears black and shiny, put the tails back in the water for one-minute
    intervals until done. Err on the side of undercooking, you can always cook a bit longer to ensure perfect results.
    Boil 4-5 oz. tails for 3-4 minutes.

    For more cooking options, visit our online cooking guide!