Cooking with Chicken Leg Confit

Tender chicken leg confit is a new take on the classic duck confit, and makes a great addition to your favorite dishes.

Because it’s fully-cooked and ready to heat, our chicken leg confit is the ultimate convenience food. Confit (pronounced kuhn-fee) is a specialty from the heart of Gascony, in Southwest France, and a traditional method of preserving meat before refrigeration. The confit process - slow cooking in duck fat with aromatics - produces tender, fall-off-the-bone meat. While it's simple enough to make at home, it is time consuming. That's why we did it for you.

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Consisting of chicken drum and thigh, our confit is versatile and easy to enjoy. Here are a few ideas for how to cook with chicken confit.

Broil It:

For an easy meal, broil chicken leg confit until heated through, about 10 minutes. Remove when the skin is crispy. Broiled chicken leg confit can be served whole, or shredded. Serve with potatoes, lentils or beans. Perfect on a salad, grain bowl or with potatoes.

Roast It:

Chicken leg confit is perfect for a sheet pan meal, and could be used instead of duck confit in our sheet pan recipe that features fingerling potatoes and green beans. Combine with your favorite vegetables and roast in the oven for a simple meal.

Roll It:

Begin with broiling chicken confit, then debone and shred the meat. Roll into tortillas, burritos, or tuck into tacos. Egg rolls and tamales are also great places to incorporate chicken confit.

Stuff It:

Shred off the bone, being careful to remove any tendons, then use the chicken in dumpling, ravioli, or empanada recipes. Another delicious option: swap chicken confit in your favorite pot pie recipe.

Cheese It:

Chicken confit goes well in nachos, a warm creamy dip, or a calzone. Our Buffalo Chicken Toast recipe with melted cheese makes a tasty snack for game day or parties.

Chop It:

Make chicken confit salad, brighten it with notes like lemon juice, zest and mustard, add your favorite fresh herbs, and onion; use chopped or shredded chicken confit in a potato hash, or on nachos.

Slurp It:

Shred and stir into chili or thick stew, or top a puréed soup with a serving of chicken confit. Try it on udon or ramen noodle bowls. Our French Lentil Soup with Chicken Confit and Bacon is an easy recipe, and tasty too..